(This is my first story on here) Feather is an average 16 year old living with her uncle. Her uncle has an eccentric character, but little does she know just how far it goes...


1. The beginning


Reaching the tunnel, I feel the bright light enveloping me. Something immense and damp touches me and I jump almost a foot in the air. It is too fast and has vanished in a single moment. Then I hear my name. “Wake up Feather!” I turn in the dark tunnel trying to glimpse who is calling me, but I see no one. Abruptly, a shining light in the distance creeps towards me and then I know that this is it. The end...

  Waiting for the light is like waiting for years. It is so slow. Suddenly, I fall. My eyes open wide and I realise I have just dosed off in the middle of my maths class. Linda sighs with relief while I cringe with horror as Mr Damon asks me a question. “How do you work out the circumference of a circle, Miss Rennel?” Too bad. I try to recall what he said before, but nothing comes. Beside me Linda hisses, “Eye times ammeter.” I repeat it and the entire class falls about laughing. I don’t know why. Wasn’t that what Linda had just said? Even Mr Damon looks like he’s trying not to smile. “If you had been paying attention Feather you would have known!” Just my luck that I always happen to daydream in my worst subject! “What is the correct answer Miss Jayme?”

“Pie times diameter.” answers Linda in her loud and clear voice. Mr Damon smiles and blushing I duck my head as I realise my mistake.


 “Why did you think I said Eye times ammeter?” asks Linda on the way home. I shrug. Honestly I don’t know. My brain might have still been in my dream (nightmare?). For some weird reason, I have had that dream before. It always seems to repeat its self, but every time I’m further along.   


 I had only been friends with Linda for a few months. She had wanted to befriend me on the first day that I had started Dr Doom High. She is quite fun but sometimes I still miss my old best friend Mack.



Entering the house I find my uncle as usual watching the news. That’s the sort of things he’s interested in. He has been my guardian ever since I was seven. That was the year, in year two, that I got my first true friend, Mack. It was also the year my old house was set on fire whilst I was in school. Unfortunately my parents were home then and it was too late to do anything. Uncle Ransom took me under his wing when no one knew what to do with me. My uncle, I soon learnt is really strange. The social care workers don’t trust him. He is tall and has the same gold-brown eyes as me. He also has the same fair skin and could pass as an albino. I don’t even think he does bed-times. “Mack rang.” He says, eventually acknowledging my existence. I decide to call him back later.


 Something strange is happening. I’m feeling itchy all over as if I’ve got fleas. Something is over powering me and my head is burning. I stare in shock at my reflection...


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