'Love looks not with eyes but with the mind'

about a girl, who goes through a journey of memories to find out the heart breaking truth.


1. A Brothers Love

I was sprawled on the dewy mess they called grass, my eyes firmly walled of from the world, with my face sodden from tears and the drooping roses cutting into my palms. My whole body is tense, every muscle contorted to the agony. I open my eyes for just a second and see the streaming sun-light pulse into my iris's which sets of more anger, confusion, guilt and desire straight to my still beating heart.

Alex is sitting next to me, his beautiful, quirky grin lighting up his abomination of a car. Singing at the top of our voices to the songs we usually hate, with the windows fully open and the wind blowing in our faces like we where flying!

I am five years old and lying on the floor screaming with a cut knee, i can see Alex running towards me as fast as possible. AFter what seems an eternity he arrives, picks me up and finds some nice soft grass to put me down on. With a hug on its way he cleaned up my cut and at once i stop whimpering. I have always adored his hugs; they kept me warm in the winter and comforted me when i was upset.

I'm eight now, lying in an uncomfortable bed with white bleak walls surrounding me and everywhere i look, technology is blasting for my attention. My parents are at the end of the bed talking to the doctor, they think i am asleep but i can hear them whispering about my heart. As i start to panic the doors fly open, Alex is there, just standing, staring at me. Through my squinted eyes i couldn't see much so i decided to wake up. I look at him, he has tears down his face, and it looks like he hasn't showered in days. He walks towards me wiping his imperfections away, he sits next to me ignoring the doctor and my parents, takes my hand and leans towards me, whispering a barley audible sentence 'nothing is ever going to happen to you, I love you to much for that' he pulls away and i whisper'I missed you, don't ever leave me again.' Was that a selfish remark to make?

It's four months ago, I am staring in the mirror with a strap-less dress on. The horrific scar protruding out of the top. I start to cry; I become aware that his is outside the door, only breathing but there. I shout at him 'GO AWAY!' but he comes in anyway. He knows immediately what is wrong as he usually does. He gives me the biggest hug, and says 'You look so beautiful' he puts his hand on the top of the imperfection' and this scar, it's a sign of love, braveness and that you aren't nothing, you can be what-ever you want as long as your past doesn't hold you back' he kisses me on the forehead and leaves the room.

I am back on the verdure, my left side almost sodden. When the last memory flashes into my mind, I bury my head in the ground to see Alex's face in the car as happy as he could ever be, his face suddenly drops into a look of confusion and distress, he looks at me in the eyes and swings out his arm to save me.

My eyes snap open as the pain in my still healing chest became unbearable. I stare at the slab in front of me. 'Alexander William Parker, Loved as a friend, son and brother. Born December 30th 1991 - Died April 5th 2012. His last act of life saved another.'


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