Hoping he remembers me.πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸŒŸ

You won't believe this but when I was young about 11 years old I got to be friends with one direction... It was a really good memory and I just can't believe that my best buddies are famous now.. I haven't contacted them or talk to them or communicate with them I don't really have time plus I don't have their phone numbers and there's no way I can contact with them.. It's been a long time ago and I don't know if they still remember me. I really wanna meet them and talk to them and do everything with them especially Harry.. His my closest friends of all of them.. Do they still remember me? Does Harry still know me?....


4. This is my lifeπŸŒŸπŸ’›πŸ’—πŸ’™

I went home when I was done working. I was tired. I drove home and when I got there the tv was off and Janine was in the couch READING A BOOK!!!! Wow! This is maybe the first time I saw her actually READING A BOOK! Not just pretending to read! I said " hi Janine reading a book huh?." Janine said " what's the big deal?." I sat right next to her. I looked at the book and I totally get why she's reading THE BOOK. It's a ONE DIRECTION BOOK! I said " oh I get it." Janine said " don't even talk about it." Janine's phone rang a little "beep.". That means there's a text message. I said " somebody texted you Janine." Janine said" can you please read it? I'm trying to focus on the book." I said " ok no problem." I read the message. It was from Janine's boyfriend Bradley. The message said " hi Janine! It's Bradley! How's your day going?." I said " Janine its Bradley he said how's your day going?." Janine said still focusing on the book " tell him not good coz his bothering me." I respond to the message. I typed on the phone " hi Bradley! This is Carrie well apparently Janine is busy about doing something and she's actually really focusing to it so she'll be talking to you later on..." I clicked send. Janine showed me a picture from the book. It was Liam shirtless. Janine said " he is so cute!." I raised my eyebrow up. I know that Liam is really cute but Janine has a boyfriend. Janine said " oh here's Harry. The hair is amazing!." I quickly looked onto the book. I said smiling " yeah he has a really nice hair." Janine put down the book. She opened up her computer. She went to the Internet. She typed " one direction book signing." then some answers popped out. Janine said with a surprise looked " oh look! They are gonna have a boom signing tomorrow! We should go!." I thought about it a minute. I was kinda scared coz its been a long time since then. I said " I don't know." Janine said " please please please please please carrie!." I love Janine. I said " alright! We can go!." Janine cheered. She jumped up and down into the couch. I said " careful Janine!." Janine said " yes!." Janine is 16 but she still acts like an 8 year old. She is so annoying but I love her anyways.
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