Hoping he remembers me.πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸŒŸ

You won't believe this but when I was young about 11 years old I got to be friends with one direction... It was a really good memory and I just can't believe that my best buddies are famous now.. I haven't contacted them or talk to them or communicate with them I don't really have time plus I don't have their phone numbers and there's no way I can contact with them.. It's been a long time ago and I don't know if they still remember me. I really wanna meet them and talk to them and do everything with them especially Harry.. His my closest friends of all of them.. Do they still remember me? Does Harry still know me?....


7. The surprise!!πŸŒŸπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ˜±

Me and Janine got home. We were so tired of the signing. I could imagine how tired can the boys be too. Being famous is harder than anything. You have to face the fans. I sat on the couch finishing a cone of ice cream while Janine was going through the things she brought. Then there was a knock on the door. I opened it and I can't believe what I just saw.... IT WAS HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION! I was more freaking out than ever! WHAT IS HARRY STYLES DOING IN OUR APARTMENT!!! I said slowly " hi." Harry said " hello." I said " what are you doing here? You are Harry styles from one direction.." Harry said " oh yes I am. And I came here to give this back to you. You dropped it in the book signing. Is this your necklace?." I said " oh yes it is my necklace thank you." Harry opened the necklace up and it said on the inside part " Best Friends Forever. Harry was so surprised. He looked at me. I don't know what he's thinking. He said " this is your necklace?." I said " yeah it is why?." he said " coz I actually had thesame necklace as yours. It was my favorite thing in the whole world. It is shape same as that. It is designed same as that and the words are even same at that... Now let me just think where it is... Oh! I got it! I gave it to my best friend!." Harry laughed then in surprisement he looked at me. Harry said " you-- you--- you're--- YOU'RE CARRIE??!!!." I said " yes I am!." Harry said in shockness " oh my gosh! Carrie! We've met again! I told you we were still gonna see each other again! Oh my gosh I can't believe that it's you! It's really YOU!!!." Harry hugged me. He was so happy to meet me and I was so happy that he remembers me. But he had a couple of problems in the first place. Harry said " Carrie! Omg! So what happened in the village when we were not there anymore? Any good news? Or news?." I said " well no not really well my sister Kimberly still doesn't have a boyfriend." Harry said " oh gosh! Too bad Louis is not available anymore.. They'll be perfect!." I said " I agree." Janine went downstairs. She was holding a cup of juice then when she saw who I was talking to she dropped her juice and her mouth popped open. Janine said " you---- you're------." me and Harry both said " we know!." Janine said " oh my gosh ur friends with him?." Harry said " me and the boys have been friends with Carrie since well when we're were about 11." Janine said " omg! Carrie why didn't you tell me about it???!!" I said " I don't want you to get more crazy!." we all laughed. Harry said " you guys wanna go and visit the boys?." Janine quickly said " sure! ." I said " ok." we both went in to Harry's car and we drove off to the one direction house.
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