Hoping he remembers me.πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸŒŸ

You won't believe this but when I was young about 11 years old I got to be friends with one direction... It was a really good memory and I just can't believe that my best buddies are famous now.. I haven't contacted them or talk to them or communicate with them I don't really have time plus I don't have their phone numbers and there's no way I can contact with them.. It's been a long time ago and I don't know if they still remember me. I really wanna meet them and talk to them and do everything with them especially Harry.. His my closest friends of all of them.. Do they still remember me? Does Harry still know me?....


10. Harry is BACK!!πŸ’™πŸ’œβ€πŸŒŸπŸ’›

After a while, I waited in the couch. I was waiting for Harry to come back coz he said hell be right back with his idea that I have no idea what idea is his idea.. It's complicated. There was a knock on the door. I was listening to my iPod and I didn't hear it. Janine was upstairs. Janine called out " Carrie! The door! Someone is out there!." I could hear little voices of her. I took out my headphones and I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and for the SURPRISEMENT in my whole life! There standing my 5 FAMOUS BUDDIES! Harry said " SURPRISE! I was totally surprised. I said happily " HI GUYS!." Harry said " hey!." I said " c'mon in!." Louis Niall Liam and Zayn seems really kinda confused. They were looking around the house. They went in and sat down on the couch. I asked them" can I get you guys a drink or something?." Liam said " no we're fine!." Niall said " I might need an ice cream." I said " sure thing!." I went into the kitchen and got a bowl of ice cream. Then, I gave it to Niall. Niall said " thank you." I said " no problem." I said " so guys how's your life going?." Louis said " what are we doing here?." Zayn said " and who are you?." I said " what?!." Harry said " guys this is Carrie." Niall said " who's Carrie?." Harry said " our best friend." Louis said " no I've never heard someone named Carrie before." I exclaimed " WHAT! Harry exclaimed " WHAT!." Harry said " guys this is Carrie our long time best friend. A part of the Flaming Ninjas group." Louis said " Flaming what?." Zayn said " best friend who?." Harry said " oh my gosh! I can't believe this!." I said to Harry " Harry can I talk to you for a second? In private?." Harry said " sure." me and harry went outside. I said " I can't believe they don't remember me!." Harry said " I know right!. How come I remember you and they don't?!." I said " I honestly have no idea." Harry said " this is unbelievable." I said " I can't believe it." Harry said " they don't remember anything from the past." We went back in. The boys were laughing and smiling but I guess they don't really remember me. Louis said " wait a second!." I quickly said " yes?." Louis said " we did remember something." I said " what something?." Louis said " well when we were about 11." i said " yes?." Louis said " ok so we had this costume party and everyone has to dress up in a costume of a clown.." I said " so what's the point?." Louis said " if you guys dress up us a clown then maybe well remember some things about the past." I said " well.... Well.... That's ok. Right Harry?." Harry said " sure!." me and Harry dressed up as a clown. Louis said " oh and the clown has to dance around." We danced around. Louis said " they also did the sprinkler." Zayn said " and stop the traffic let them through." I said " ok ok we got it!." the boys were laughing. They were lauging so hard then I realized. WAIT A SECOND!
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