Hoping he remembers me.πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸŒŸ

You won't believe this but when I was young about 11 years old I got to be friends with one direction... It was a really good memory and I just can't believe that my best buddies are famous now.. I haven't contacted them or talk to them or communicate with them I don't really have time plus I don't have their phone numbers and there's no way I can contact with them.. It's been a long time ago and I don't know if they still remember me. I really wanna meet them and talk to them and do everything with them especially Harry.. His my closest friends of all of them.. Do they still remember me? Does Harry still know me?....


12. Expected the wrong thing πŸŒŸβ€πŸ’œπŸ’™

I sat on the bench crying. I think that I was right that the 4 boys didn't really care about me. It was so hard to believe coz they are my very best friends in the whole world. They think that didn't matters. Harry sat next to me. Harry said " Carrie are you ok?." I said " what is it look like?." Harry said " I'm so sorry." I said " don't be its not your fault." Harry said " yes it is.. If I hadn't brought down the boys here you wouldnt feel sad." I said " no I'm actually glad that you brought them here so that I could meet them.. Again. But I didnt expect that they would be like this from now on." Harry said " I know." I said " I guess you're the only one who actually didn't change at all and still cares about me like in the past." Harry said " yeah but I'm sure the boys really cares about you too..." I said " does it look like they really cares about me?." Harry said " well a little bit." I said " just say no." Harry said " I know it's unexpected but they really care about you." I said " really.. Coz I don't see it." Harry said " you might not see it but they really do." I said " no they don't I know the boys hates me." Harry exclaimed " WHAT'! NO! DONT SAY THAT! THEY DONT HATE YOU!." I said " yes they do." Harry said " can you please say that in front of them?." Harry called out " GUYS! Can you guys please come out here in the backyard?." the boys came out in the backyard. Zayn said " what?." Harry said" Carrie wants to know if you guys hate her.." Zayn said " um..... No." Liam said " no." Niall said " ofcourse no!" Louis said " no why would you say that?." Harry said " see.!" I said " guys stop pretending I know you guys all hate me and I understand that." Niall said " No we don't!" I said " yes you guys obviously do!." Harry said " Carrie don't say that! Nobody hates you! You're thinking of the wrong thing!
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