Freaky zone

there is ghosts and murders not really for the squimish I don't think ????


3. E

As i walked up to the big, old house of Michael i felt thousnds of gosebumps appear all over my body, and i was starting to get really really scared.The old house had a big wooden door coverd in lots of diffrent carved in shapes. i got closer and closer and as i got to the door it swung open and Anne and Kate appered with 4 other people in the door way.

'Oh so you didn't chicken out.'

'No i didn't im so pround of my self.' 


'Oh my god what was that Anne Kate quick lets go and see.'


lying there on the floor in the kithen was a dead woman. she had been violently stabbed in the heart many a times. we all started screaming and headed for the doors but they were all locked and there was no windows what so ever to climb out of. Then we saw him all of us. it was him Michael Myres and the old knife he killed his family with. His knife was glistening in the moonlight comeing in from a tiny gap in the roof...

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