Freaky zone

there is ghosts and murders not really for the squimish I don't think ????


1. I

I was walking down the road to my school my friends jumped out at me and scared me. 'Ha, ha got you that time hey Kate?'

'yeah you guys really have to stop scaring me like that! you know one of these days you will give me a heart attack and you'll have to start scaring each other.' I said kind of freaked out like. my friends are always jumping out at me.'hey Kate guess what your doing with us tomorrow.'


"your'r coming with us to the fright night at old Myers house,'

"WHAT, your kidding right.'

'No why you scared?'

'No course not I'm never scared.'

'Kate is so lying Anne. it is so obvious, see she's shaking. LOL'

'Come on guy's don't leave I'll come if you want me to prove Im not scared,'

'OK Kate I'll text you all the info.Now we really got to go if we don't want to be late for class...' 

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