Murder in the girls bathroom.

Amanda Springs, best friend of Geraldine Williams and girlfriend of Frank Bell has was found by her sister, Amelia Springs swinging from a noose. A funeral was held, everyone cried, their was an assembly to address the problem and just as everyone's getting into their normal lives- their is another suicide.
Tegan Hamandale is lover to the second victim and is suspicious to if these deaths are really by choice- Caroline had no reason to kill herself . Soon the whole school will be in shambles and it's up to Tegan to solve it before it gets out of hand.


8. To be Frank

Frank's POV:

I stare up at the ceiling, as another minute, ten, an hour passes me by. I haven't eaten since the incident- there's something about brain meat being exploded all over your living room floor that really puts you off your food.. I can't imagine why that would be.

I heard Ger got let off. She hasn't visited me and I haven't even visited the downstairs for about a week now- exams are drawing closer and I know I need to get out of my bed soon.. take a shower or something- which would probably be a better idea than releasing toxic waves that made my stomach flip whenever I raised my arms. But no... I'm in the same position I was when I left to go to the toilet when the sun went up, it's dark outside now. 

My phone buzzes on the counter next to my bed and I reach an arm out to grab it and due to my unbalanced self,  fall off the bed, slumping on the ground. The phone vibrates off the counter and lands on my chin. I moan a little before opening the first new text in 2 weeks- its from that girl.. the lesbian... em... Tegan. I feel rather sad as I get excited for opening the stranger's message. 

It reads "Caroline's gone. I know you're down as fuck. Meet me at your door in 15 mins. I've got some detective work for you." The first thing that runs through my mind is that she knows where I live, then I remember her and Amelia knew each other and Amelia and her sister... I can't bring myself to think of her name without breaking down again- so I don't. Then the idea of Tegan dressed in a tweed outfit as a Sherlock Holmes impostor runs through my mind and I start laughing.

It's better than laying here for days. And I smell.

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