Murder in the girls bathroom.

Amanda Springs, best friend of Geraldine Williams and girlfriend of Frank Bell has was found by her sister, Amelia Springs swinging from a noose. A funeral was held, everyone cried, their was an assembly to address the problem and just as everyone's getting into their normal lives- their is another suicide.
Tegan Hamandale is lover to the second victim and is suspicious to if these deaths are really by choice- Caroline had no reason to kill herself . Soon the whole school will be in shambles and it's up to Tegan to solve it before it gets out of hand.


6. Life at home

Amelia awoke with a start, Amanda's swinging corpse imprinted behind her eyelids. She's with me forever now, she whispered, pressing her hands against her chest. Even though her head was filled with endless thoughts of her older sister she could still hear the distinct sound of a straining noose, creaking... creaking.

She moved her legs to her chest and rocked, staring at the door with worried and crazy eyes. It opened with an unearthly noise and she screamed with a terrible shrill.

Her mother waited at the door, staring at her only live daughter. Rings were around her eyes like a panda's, only this wasn't from make-up. She hadn't slept in over a week, whenever she got close she heard the poor whimpering of Amelia in the next room. 

Candy took Amelia in her arms and cradled her sweetly, rocking her back and forth as she tapped her feet downstairs. She lay the girl down on the living room couch and stuck on the television to keep her distracted as she headed upstairs.

Amelia stared with withering eyes at the large plasma and tried to came herself down but her night-terror's clawed at her. She blushed for making her mother do everything for her when she got nightmares- she was thirteen and still shaking like a child. Amelia's eyes widened, "Oh no!" she hushed, leaping from the couch.

Candy peered into her daughters room and strolled over to get the blanket on her bed, when something caught her eye. Something glinting in the light peering in from the hall, a jar of water. "What's this?" she could hear Amelia's thumping footsteps and felt like she should urgently help her but her eyes were fixed on the jar. More specifically what was in the jar.

Amelia stopped at the door but it was too late, her mother was covering her mouth but between her legs lay the jar which she had carried to the light to inspect. Amelia approached lightly, trying not to freak her mother anymore than she already was. "Amelia?" her voice was barely anything as Candy looked to her. "Is this your sister's?" she asked staring back at the floating, separate hand.  

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