Murder in the girls bathroom.

Amanda Springs, best friend of Geraldine Williams and girlfriend of Frank Bell has was found by her sister, Amelia Springs swinging from a noose. A funeral was held, everyone cried, their was an assembly to address the problem and just as everyone's getting into their normal lives- their is another suicide.
Tegan Hamandale is lover to the second victim and is suspicious to if these deaths are really by choice- Caroline had no reason to kill herself . Soon the whole school will be in shambles and it's up to Tegan to solve it before it gets out of hand.


7. Detecting suicide

AN: Sorry! I haven't been posted because I'm the worst person in the world. Sorry.

Tegan found out early the next morning. Caroline had been found outside the school. Her hands were curled around her mobile- a text was written in it. It was to Tegan. The officers wouldn't tell her what it was no matter how much she pleaded.

When she found out she didn't cry. She just ran, to Caroline. It took her half way to her house to release she wasn't there anymore and when she finally sank to her knees tears didn't break to the surface. She opened her mouth and in front of a bustling, working crowd- screamed. The ambulance were called and they escorted her to her house where she promptly when to her room and faced the wall, Caroline's favorite T-shirt clenched in her cold fingers.

It wasn't till her Father came up and said he regretted judging her sexuality that she found that wet droplets fell over the edge of her eyelids. She literally pushed her father out of the door and called Caroline. She'd know what to say.

Dial. Ring, ring, ring. "Heya, you've reached the cell phone of Caroline. Or have you?" she finished with muffled laughter. I knew that voice, my own. We had recorded each other's voices on the messaging system.

A small smile burst onto her face and things rushed into her head. The first thought was the one she focused on "My sweet Caroline. Why? Why did you commit s-suicide?" And that was enough.

She grabbed her jacket and opened the window of her room, climbing out onto the roof. She knew what she had to do.

She had to read that text.

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