Murder in the girls bathroom.

Amanda Springs, best friend of Geraldine Williams and girlfriend of Frank Bell has was found by her sister, Amelia Springs swinging from a noose. A funeral was held, everyone cried, their was an assembly to address the problem and just as everyone's getting into their normal lives- their is another suicide.
Tegan Hamandale is lover to the second victim and is suspicious to if these deaths are really by choice- Caroline had no reason to kill herself . Soon the whole school will be in shambles and it's up to Tegan to solve it before it gets out of hand.


3. Amelia and the funeral

Amelia had bathed a total of 30 times in the past two days. No matter how many times though, the filth of the girls body never came off. She had cried at the funeral when it finally came, but that was just an act of formality, she didn't mind her sister being dead- she did mind though that that Caroline girl had held Amanda's hand.  

She left the chapel with a stoic expression, entertaining the images of Amanda in her mind. "Excuse me, miss." she heard from behind her. She turned and frowned. It a policeman.

He was big and bulky and his large eyes were turned down at his hat that rested on his chest. "I would like to ask you something," she felt the pressure in his voice and found it hard to make eye contact.

"What is it, officer?" she asked slowly, sadness in her eyes. "I can't talk for long, I need to decorate my sister's grave," she stated with a little attitude. The man lead her to a park bench- which was ironic considering the park was right next to the church that someone was just put in the ground instead of playing on it.

"I need to know what you did with your sister's..." he paused, trying to sound as polite as possible, "Hand." he almost whispered. Amelia stayed in shock before even attempting to let the question sink in, an answer surfaced. 

"It wasn't at the crime scene?" she asked, tears running down her cheeks. "I thought we'd buried all of her.. do we have to re-open the casket when we find her. Oh God." she swore, standing up and turning from the sullen, eye-popping policeman. "I think I need to be alone," 

He nodded and let her strut off to her other family member's. As soon as she did, a crack appeared on her lips and she.. smiled. 

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