You're the One for me

read the story,

*this is my first story, please let me know if it's not any good.


1. Chapter One - Happy Birthday!

"Good Morning April! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!"

ugh, not now "Thanks mum." My tired voice, very quiet. It was my 18th Birthday and I stayed up late last night, talking on the phone with my Best Friend, Ashley. 
I turned my head to look at my alarm clock, it was 10 am and i had to get up.
Mum wanted to go shopping for outfits for me as a birthday gift and also have lunch. 
My mum comtinues, "Get up baby, we leave in hour." then walks out of my room. 
So I quickly got in shower, washed up and let the warm water wake me. After I finished, i got out wrapped the towel around me and got my toothbrush and toothpasted and started brushing my teeth. I walked to my closet and grabbed a white tee and skinny jeans and my favorite hightops, nike. I got dressed and quickly did my hair and make up. As soon as you know my mum called out for me. "April, You ready? I'm waiting hun!" I looked again in the mirror and left.

After we Shopped for my outfits, we sat in the food court for lunch. I got fries and gravy, with a salad on the side. My mum got the same but without gravy. She started our conversation.

"Do you feel older now that you're 18?" saying with a smile. "I feel older, mum." A little scarasm in my voice, smiling at her. She liked my answer, nodding her head. "You know April, School starts in a month, Are you excited?" "Not really, mum. I don't want to talk about that right now." My mum answered with an okay.
I mention my outfits and thanked her for them, "Mum, thanks for letting me choose my gift. i like my new clothes." "You are very welcome."

My mum was a young when she had me, she's 35 now and i just turned 18, you can guess how young she was. She tried to give me the best for me while growing up. I appreciated everthing she did for me. While she was looking at her phone and eating her lunch i thought about all this.. there was silence between us, i watched her and admired her. Then i interupted her when i spoked. "Mom, you know, I'm not a baby. I haven't been. I'm eighteen now... And I just want you to know, I don't need any party nor gifts. Just as long my day isnt a crappy one." mom was staring at me with a sadden face.. "April, you are my only child. You will always be my baby. So you don't want to have a party? That's okay, your a grown up and I'll respect what you want. But don't be mad when you get a surprised party!" adding a joke into her reply so it won't get awkward.
"Haha mom, that's not gonna happen!" she smiles and says "You'll always be here baby." I smiled whilst I finished with salad.


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