You're the One for me

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*this is my first story, please let me know if it's not any good.


7. Chapter 7 - YouTube 1D

I got home and went straight to my room. Ashley followed me, "I cannot believe that we spent the day with a boy band! They are all so sexy, so adorable, so amazing!" I smiled and agreed with her. I sat on my bed and pulled out my laptop and said, "let's check out some videos of them on YouTube!" Ashley giggled and happily sat next to me on the bed. I opened the a browser and went on YouTube. I searched 'one direction.' we watched a bunch of videos, smiling and laughing at them. We checked out all their songs. Then I went to iTunes to buy their album and sync it to my iPhone

Nearly an hour later, I got a text from Louis,

'hi babe, the lads and I are grabbing a pizza, care to join us for a ride? The beauty next to you also. x'

I showed Ashley the text and laughed, oh Louis. Then I replied,
'when and where do you wanna pick us up?'

Straight away, 'text your address, love, we are on our way!'

"Oh my gosh, they're on the way right now!" Ashley ran out of my room to get ready. I texted my address and jumped into the shower and put on casual clothing. I put on dark skinny jeans and a blank long sleeve, tight fitted, and my favourite high heels.
I dried my hair till it fully dry. I yelled to Ashley, "are you ready?" she popped her head out and said, "just about ready!" I put on some mascara, a little bit of blush, a neutral color of eyeshadow but had a little bit of sparkle. My hair was a mess but I fixed it with hair serum and slick it smoothly and ta-da I was ready. I went to my drawer and grabbed my long necklace and put it on, I met Ashley in the hallway and she looked stunning! "we look great and that was only 15 minutes when I ran to get ready!" we laughed and walked down the stairs then the doorbell rang.
It was Harry, "hi. Uh, looking very beautiful tonight ladies" he looked a bit nervous, but why? I just smiled and we followed him into a car. There was another car behind him and you can Louis smiling in the drivers seat. Niall and Zayn were also in the other car. Ashley sat in the passenger's seat whilst I sat in the back with Liam.

Liam "wow, ladies, you look very nice, tonight.. We're just picking up some pizza and gonna head over... To your place?" he was looking me, "my place? Oh, okay."

We drove around a bit and Ashley and Harry were making conversation. Liam was always texting someone, I don't know who so I was just enjoying the ride. Liam, "Harry turn it up, Niall said this song is for April!" Harry turned up the music and 'the wanted' was on the radio, 'glad you came.' I smiled and I looked at Liam, "you're texting niall?" we laughed. Everyone started moving in their seat it was fun, my phone beeped, a text from Niall, "nice moves!" i looked out the window I seen him in the car across from ours, smiling then they drove in front of us.

We got the 4 large pizzas to go, and we drove back to my dad's place. Liam talked about his family, and still texting Niall. Or Zayn, I smiled and listened to what he gots to say. Then out of no where, Ashley, "April, speak up! You're so shy." I felt my face go red and I said, "I'm being polite, Liam is telling me a story and I didnt want to interrupt!"
Ashley and Harry laughed. But Liam and I smiled at each other. I already feel closer to Liam then anyone else out of the guys.


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