You're the One for me

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*this is my first story, please let me know if it's not any good.


6. Chapter 6 - meeting the rest of one direction

We got to their hotel, and Niall and other guy who i dont reconize was outside waiting. Very loud, a voice came from their direction, "are these the lovely ladies you were talking about?" his British accent was very beautiful, I could listen to this guy talk all day. I looked at Ashley and there was sparkles in her eyes, looking at this person who was standing with Niall. They took 4 steps to greet us, Niall, "hey April, Ashley, this is Louis Tomlinson, he's one of my best mates." "Hi Louis," Ashley smiling like an idiot, then I say "hi louis, where's Zayn?" asking Niall.
"Zayn is up in our hotel suit with the other lads, let's go." he and Louis lead the way to their hotel suit. Very fancy and big. I'm impressed. We entered their room.

*30 minutes into our visit*

"No way! You guys are in a band?"
"known world wide." Liam
"oh, i know 'what makes you beautiful..'"

Harry had a smirk on his face looking at Louis, "Everyone knows that song, it's been playing on the radio for a quite sometime now."

I felt so dumb, so embarassed that I didn't know Niall and Zayn were in band. But Ashley didn't know either so, I said, "we'll get to know you guys, and your music!" Zayn, "that's all right, I'm sure you would like to know us, as just us and not from the boys from one direction. I miss good friends like that." "you have a point, I would definitely love to get to know you guys more. I really need to hear an album though." the boys laughed and we continued to talk and get to know more about them. I found that Liam, is very senseable, funny and looks out for the other boys. Niall, loves food, loves to play guitar, and collects caps and shoes. Harry is the heartbreaker and very clever with his words, Louis is the loudest out of all 5 of them. Very fun to be around with. Zayn is quite shy and good looking. I got to know more about him. We all talked and laughed about stuff. You can tell who Ashley liked, Louis. Who is the opposite of her boyfriend Eric. She got a text from him, saying he couldn't see her anymore. And that he found another girlfriend already. "what the fuck? Eric just broke up with me in a text!? Really?" "Eric is your boyfriend, love?" Liam asked. Louis "ex boyfriend for that matter!" she couldn't care less. She was falling for louis.

It died down then we decided to go back to my dad's house, we said bye. Louis definitely wanted to see Ashley again, so they exchanged numbers, I also gave my number to him, Liam and Harry. So we got into my dad's car and drove home.

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