You're the One for me

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*this is my first story, please let me know if it's not any good.


5. Chapter 5 - shopping and lunch

We shopped and tried on a bunch of clothes and we loved every minute of it! We were leaving with bags full of clothes.
There was a two cute, very gorgeous boys walking towards us whilst we were leaving to an exit out of the mall. One of the boys had such an beautiful face, brown eyes, his skin was a hint of tan, dark hair all styled up, dressed to impress I would say and he was staring at me. This other boy who had blonde kind of shady hair, nice blue eyes and looked so adorable. He was also holding a sandwich. "oh my gosh, those guys totally like you.. They can't stop staring.." "shut up Ashley, shh.. They'll hear you.." I whispered to my friend who was smiling hard at me, making me blush..
"excuse me!" an deep voice said behind me after we passed them. I turned around and said "yes?"
The boys were staring at us. Ashley loved the attention but I was blushing and trying not to show it. "yes, can We help you?" I asked them. The blonde answered me "sorry, but my friend thinks your an angel. Please, he's a bit shy. Hi my name is Niall and this is Zayn." I thought wow an angel. I stared at them feeling uncomfortable but I introduced myself and Ashley.
"Hey you girls wanna join us for lunch? It's on us." Niall asked. Ashley answered before I can. "Sure, since it's on you guys. Plus we were looking for a boy for April!" making things worse, I stood there, can't believe she said that and we just met these boys! they laughed and smiled so I followed them and Ashley to the food court.

Niall knew exactly want he wanted, he goes and order himself two slices of pizza. Ashley goes up beside him and also orders one. Zayn looked at me and asked, "what do you wanna eat?" "um, I'm not really hungry, but I'll have drink of something." not knowing what kind of beverage I wanted. I told him to surprise me. I sat down in one of the empty tables and waited for the two gorgeous boys and Ashley to come sit down. Zayn brought me a frapachino from Starbucks, the vanilla bean favor. I thanked him, and smiled. "you are welcome" so polite I thought. I enjoyed their company. I was shy at first, we talked about our day and Howcome we are in London. They asked us questions and one question was "do you girls have a boyfriend?" I said "no, she does though" Ashley looked at me like I slapped her hard across the face. I looked at her and said, "what? You do though.." Zayn and Niall laughed but continued with questions. After they were done eating, they invited us to come chill at their hotel room. I wasn't sure but Ashley accepted the invitation straight away. Zayn asked me for my number so he could text me later.
Ashley, "we'll just drop off our bags and then we'll head over" Niall agree and said, "sure, see you loves later."


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