You're the One for me

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*this is my first story, please let me know if it's not any good.


4. Chapter 4- business trip?!

I met Ashley at the airport, "are you gonna miss Eric?" Ashley looked at her phone and says, "we are not gonna talk about boys. This trip is about you and your dad and all the fun were gonna have!" I laughed at her, "yeah, it's about that." Well not really.
We boarded the plane, and soon we were in the air on our way to London.

When we landed, I looked for my father in the airport, I texted him to tell him we were here. So we waited and got ourselves a cup of coffee.

When my father did arrived there, he was in such a hurry and had a suitcase. "April I'm sorry I'm so late, my boss called I have to go away on business!" my heart sunk. "are you serious, dad?? We just got here and now were suppose to jump on another plane and go home??" my dad looked sad then excited for a moment, "April, stay here, you can shop and look around and do all sort of things. Just please stay at my house and do what you wanna do, It wont be any trouble, just have fun." I thought about it, I looked at Ashley, who had a big smile on her face, I answered my dad with an "okay but it's not gonna be as fun as we planned.. Without you." dad hugged and kissed me said our goodbyes and see you soon then he was off to board his plane.

We drove to my dads house, before we left the airport, my dad gave me his car keys, his house keys, and money for food. I opened the door to a beautiful living space with open concept and you can see all the way to the end of the house where the kitchen was. My eyes widen whilst looking through the big house my dad stays alone in. "wow.." was all I could say. "you can say that again! Your dad is rich!" "my dad is not rich, he's just well.. You know.. What's the word, not poor." Ashley laughs at me and checks upstairs where there was about four bedrooms and three of them had their own bathrooms. I claim my room and so did Ashley. We loved it. I texted my mom about our arrival and about my dad. All she said was be safe and see you in August.

I got my clothes out of my suitcase and put them away. While I was doing that, Ashley barged in my room and said "LET'S GO SHOPPING!!" excitedly, I smiled big and agreed.

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