You're the One for me

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*this is my first story, please let me know if it's not any good.


3. Chapter 3- London?

We ate cake and talked like we were best friends, my mom and I. I was enjoying my birthday with my mom. Then my phone vibrated, it was a text from Dad.

'happy birthday honey. How old are you now? 24-25? I'm kidding. I would never forget my baby's age.
Anyway I wanna let you know I got 2 plane tickets for you to come over to London for a month, since your not in school and all. It be really nice to spend some time with you. How about it??'

My dad left my mom for an even younger lady. I couldn't stand the fact that my dad would hurt my mom like that. I replied with a 'no thank you.' I tossed my phone on the table.

My mom stared at me with curious eyes. "who texted you?" I sighed "Dad did. He wished me happy birthday, joked about my age and wants me to fly to Landon for a month to visit. I said no though.. So. Yeah that's it." my mom said "fly to London? Why did you say no?"
"I don't know mom, I just did." i shot back at her. She looked confused and said "maybe you should visit your father. It be really nice to see London up close and you can ask your Ashley to go with.." "I'll think about it mom, I'll text dad the same."

After I texted my dad, he replied straight away, 'please come over and stay with your old man for awhile. I'm not with Lisa anymore, it's just me here. So if you could your flight is tmrw morning. Call the airport to get more info. I love you April. -Dad"

I called Ashley, (who by the way stood me up on my birthday) "hey ash, what happened?" she sounded all jolly on her end. "what? Oh! I'm sorry I couldn't make it.. I got busy.." I rolled my eyes and said, " it's okay, I just wanted to ask if you'd wanna go on a trip with me to London? Tomorrow I should mention.." "OH MI GOSH?! London? Ah, yes I would love to go to london with you but for how long?" "a month.. Or you can even leave earlier if you must." "thanks April! I'll go home and pack right now. My mom will call your mom. Bye!" I was smiling "bye ash."

After that I ran up stairs to pack and yelled, "MOM, I'm packing! Ashley is coming with, her mom is gonna call you! Tomorrow morning were leaving!" all I heard was "okay baby.." fading as I got upstairs.
I called the airport and asked about mine and Ashley's flight. "thank you, bye" everything is set and I texted dad "see you when we land.."
I packed and felt tired afterwards and dosed off to sleep.


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