You're the One for me

read the story,

*this is my first story, please let me know if it's not any good.


2. Chapter 2 - Make a wish

I didn't have a boyfriend. I had a couple of good friends and best friend. I was an only child. I didn't have much while growing up but I appreciated what I did got.

I attended a near by college, my second year of a business program. I wanna have my own business like a music studio or a bakery. I love to play piano and the guitar and sing. I also like to bake and make pastries. I was certain to these kind of things. At night I think about the future. Where I'm heading and all that. I never had a boyfriend, I just couldn't stand It when my friends got boyfriends and blowing me off for them.
I was at Home in my room, my radio was on, listening to my favorite station. A boy band came on "You're insecure, don't know what for..." I was listening to the words and that's how I felt. I was pretty such what these guys are singing about. But who are they? Ashley, my best friend keeps saying "your so pretty Howcome you dont have a boyfriend?" I never say anything to her just that I don't like anyone. I started to really like this song. Then it ends and I waited for the person to say the song name and the band. But nope another song goes on.. My cellphone rings I pick it up and it says it Ashley. I accept. "Happy birthday April!!" "thanks Ash! What's up?" "Oh you know, I'm with Eric.." Eric was her boyfriend and she is always with him if not she would of been with me. "oh, so are we gonna hang out today?" "of course, silly! I'll be there in a bit. I got stuff to do first." "okay I'll see you soon, bye" I end the call.

To my surprise, my mom called me from the bottom of the stairs "April can you come down please!" I was on my way down when my mom was standing there with a pink and white cake. "happy eighteenth birthday, my baby!" I smiled and Said "mom, you shouldn't have..oh, thank you, it's looks so good!" smiling at the thought she had. I was about blow the eighteen candles off when she stopped me, "make a wish, first!" so I closed my eyes for just a second and blew out my candles.


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