The Rebellion Of The Machines

This is the story where you decide what happens next! At the end of each chapter there will be 3 starters for a new chapter and you choose the one you want to happen. Just comment your fave one and the starter with the most votes will be wrote!


1. Chapter 1

The brown ruffled skirt swirls around my ankles as I walk down the dark corridor. The floorboards creak under my dark green boots. A robot, bronze with rust, stands by the door at the end of the corridor. The space behind it's eyes don't light up when I approch it. Powered down. These old machines break down frequently, not like those in the government buildings. New, shiney, better and clean, they need more alert robots to protect the more important parlament members. I sigh and give the unresponsive robot a slight kick with my boot. Somewhere inside, the cogs begin to turn and the robot wakes up.

"Victoria Argeth, requesting permission to enter the office of Raven Girdera", I say. The robot takes a few seconds to respond.

"Permission granted, enter now", It says in slow rusty words. The door I face is old and slowly rotting away. I turn the handle on the wooden door and slip inside.

"Nice for you to finally turn up Miss Argeth", Raven sits behind his desk. He looks so small compared to that oversized beast of a desk, but Raven is the tallest of us all. And the strictest. Right now his face is knitted into a scowl.

"Don't give me that look, you said 6:15", I say sitting in an old leather armchair. I swing my legs over the left arm. This annoys Raven so much, more than people turning up late to his meetings.

"It is 6:17, Miss Argeth", he says, a hint of anger in his voice. I blow a raspberry.

"You take your job too seriously, it's not like your in the Parlament House", I snigger. Raven was turned down from being upgraded to a seniour palament member. It whinds him up when people flaunt it in his face. Right now his right hand is cluching a peice of paper and his left holds a glass of sherry or something. It looks like the glass will shatter under the pressure of his hand.

"So what boring rubbish have you got to tell me today Mr G", I say pushing a strand of hair out of my face.

"Can you please sit properly, there's something important I must tell you", Raven sets the glass on his desk and looks at me with raised eyebrows.

"What? Oh come on, we don't work in an important House so the news won't be important", I say looking at the chips in my dark brown nail polish. I wait for words but only silence follows. I look up and sigh at the expression on Ravens face. I slide my legs off the chairs arm and sit properly in my seat.

"Better, now we have recived a letter from the Parlament House about the machines...", Raven says before I interupt him.

"Is that all? So the big house wants us to design new robots for them, big whoop", I say standing up, slightly wobbling on the high heels of my boots.

"I have robots to design and workers to watch over, send the letter to the main design room before my lunch break", I say begining to walk over to the door. I am about to turn the handle when Ravens hand is placed on my shoulder.

"It's not a letter for more robots", he says, almost like he is scared.

"Then what is it?", I say, avoiding looking at his face.

"The machines, they're starting to rebel"


Please comment A, B or C for your fave chapter starter.

a) I turn around, my hair falling into my face, and search Ravens face if it might be a joke. His eyes tell me that its true.

b)"Whatever Raven, I don't have time for your games", I say. Something behind the door clicks and whirrs. I sigh and open the door so I can fix it again.

c)"Rebellion?", The word is new to me but I know what it means. A rebellion is something human, surely a robot can't rebel.

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