As the girl looked around in her bag, she heard heavy footstep on the tarmac behind her. As she searched, she grabbed her pepper spray and laid her nervous and impatient fingers around the cap. The footsteps continued, she grabbed her bag tightly. her feet slowly turned around to face the brute, only to find that he was like death walking. His presence made her innards curdle. He smiled, oddly that was the brightest thing about him. His teeth were so... perfect. She smiled back, he lent down to kiss her neck. His smile widened, his lips curled around his teeth. He was ready to strike. To claim another victim.
As the piles of murder stack up on J. Johnson's desk he must find out what is in common with all of the victims. There was no gun, there was no knife. What he found lead him to myths and legends, but they were the only possible answer.


9. Oops

I sat on the bench, my book open. The calm splash of the river soothed me as I read. I looked up occasionally, searching for his all too familiar face. I waited. The cold sea wind flowed with the water, it chilled me deep down. I sat there still waiting.


I had waited for over half an hour when he sat next to me me. He had not aged since, why would he? He was a vampire for crying out loud!

"How did you escape?" his voice was deeper, fresher. His eyes were blood red. It slightly comforted me in a weird way.

"The back exit through the kitchen." I simply replied.

"Those staff under the table were delicious if I may say so myself." He laughed to himself.

"I want to know more about you. About what happened on that night. I have never met a vampire before." I turned to him and then put my book back in my bag. I fumbled with a button that was a microphone to the others. He noticed. His stone hand reached to me and then played with the button. His fingers reached around it his other hand grabbed my blouse. He pulled them apart. The microphone clicked three times before it whined to silence. 

"That was a very bad move." he said standing up. One of his hands still on my blouse. I felt my feet loose their contact with the ground. He slung me over his back and we ran. I feared for my life in a way that I have never felt before.

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