As the girl looked around in her bag, she heard heavy footstep on the tarmac behind her. As she searched, she grabbed her pepper spray and laid her nervous and impatient fingers around the cap. The footsteps continued, she grabbed her bag tightly. her feet slowly turned around to face the brute, only to find that he was like death walking. His presence made her innards curdle. He smiled, oddly that was the brightest thing about him. His teeth were so... perfect. She smiled back, he lent down to kiss her neck. His smile widened, his lips curled around his teeth. He was ready to strike. To claim another victim.
As the piles of murder stack up on J. Johnson's desk he must find out what is in common with all of the victims. There was no gun, there was no knife. What he found lead him to myths and legends, but they were the only possible answer.


10. Hostage call

George's P.O.V

I woke to the sound of the phone ringing, I looked at the clock. I had only been asleep an hour.

"Hello George Marshall here."

"Mr Marshall, I require your presence down at the station immanently."

"Of course, who is speaking?"

"DC Simmons. Sir." 

The line went dead.I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes. I picked up Monty and brought him with me. The poor pup was still asleep as we drove away. I worried what this was about. I dreaded the worst.


As I pulled up, I could feel the tension and anxiety filled with them. I clipped on the lead to Monty and walked in. I half tugged him through he was so sleepy. I picked him up and went to Emma's room. There was a projection waiting on the whiteboard. I looked to the computer, a post said to 'play me'. I sat in the seat and looked at the whiteboard, preparing my self for what was coming. There was no video just voices:

This is A.V. And this is my beautiful hostage which I have been able to take. This is a message for her husband: His voice was one I recognised all too well. The Vampire murder man. Speak girl! He ordered:

Dear everyone at the station and to my loving husband George. I have been taken in to A.V's place which I can't tell you where.


I heard her scream, I fought back the tears.

Well. He requests a sum of twenty thousand pounds for my safe return. Other wise if he does not get this money, I will not come out of here with blood in my body. He wants the money by Friday. Please hurry. His patience is wearing thin. Day by day his teeth are closer to my neck. Please George, hurry.

It ended with her sobbing and then a scream of pain.

Hurry George. Ha, ha.

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