As the girl looked around in her bag, she heard heavy footstep on the tarmac behind her. As she searched, she grabbed her pepper spray and laid her nervous and impatient fingers around the cap. The footsteps continued, she grabbed her bag tightly. her feet slowly turned around to face the brute, only to find that he was like death walking. His presence made her innards curdle. He smiled, oddly that was the brightest thing about him. His teeth were so... perfect. She smiled back, he lent down to kiss her neck. His smile widened, his lips curled around his teeth. He was ready to strike. To claim another victim.
As the piles of murder stack up on J. Johnson's desk he must find out what is in common with all of the victims. There was no gun, there was no knife. What he found lead him to myths and legends, but they were the only possible answer.


3. Hating my Boss

I walked in to the station, everything was quiet. I stopped and looked around, no one was here. I walked towards my office, a note was stuck to the door:

Meet us in briefing room one Emma.


I shoved the door open, threw my handbag in and locked the door before I ran down the corner. I stopped and inhaled deeply, I smoothed my hair down and knocked lightly on the door. They were all their, that's why there was no one to tell me where to go. The whole station's Pcs were in the large room. This was worse than what we had suspected.

"Sorry, I'm late. Car troubles." I lied and snuck to my seat right by the door.

"We are still missing someone Emma, your not late at all." My boss said. She was being unusually to me today, she always would look at me over her nose. I never felt I could trust her. Now though, it seemed different. The door opened a crack to reveal Freddy Johnson. The newest person to our station. Everyone liked him apart from me. I don't know why, but he always seemed to hit on me even though he knew George could kill him in a few punches.

"Glad you could join us Johnson. Any way, sorry you have been called in so early but this is a case which has been seen in the past rather than today. A girl aged 18 has been found in an alley, dead. This is not a suicide or murder, technically it is but not the normal type. This girl was found with only one wound." She showed the picture of the death blow. She was right. It was no knife or gun that had killed this girl. There was a single bite mark at the jugular. A single tear fell down my cheek. This girl's life had barely begun before this monster had ended it. I was only 5 years older. What if that had happened to me? I shoved that out of my mind when the DC was clearing her throat, I looked up and wiped away the tear mark. 

"Anyway, we have time before the next attack. We have reason to believe that the attacker will make another victim in a weeks time. We have had to make a decision that one of you will not take very kindly." I felt a weight being forced upon my shoulders, I didn't know why.

"So we hope that the person we choose will go undercover and lure this murder out of his hole." She had said, her body slinking in to the corner. Her eyes fell to mine. "That person shall be Emma Marshall." All of the eyes turned to me by the door. I knew that this would happen. I just knew it.

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