As the girl looked around in her bag, she heard heavy footstep on the tarmac behind her. As she searched, she grabbed her pepper spray and laid her nervous and impatient fingers around the cap. The footsteps continued, she grabbed her bag tightly. her feet slowly turned around to face the brute, only to find that he was like death walking. His presence made her innards curdle. He smiled, oddly that was the brightest thing about him. His teeth were so... perfect. She smiled back, he lent down to kiss her neck. His smile widened, his lips curled around his teeth. He was ready to strike. To claim another victim.
As the piles of murder stack up on J. Johnson's desk he must find out what is in common with all of the victims. There was no gun, there was no knife. What he found lead him to myths and legends, but they were the only possible answer.


4. Fight

I stayed in my seat as everyone else left the room. Whispers reached my ear, like: 'I wonder what George will think.' or 'I wouldn't do it, even if it was to save the rest of humanity. Knowing her though, she will. God bless her soul.' I kept my eyes on my fingers which twirled in front of me. I saw the feet of my boss come closer, I didn't move any part of me like I should of.

"Emma, are you okay? You were silent for the rest of that meeting." she said, her voice to alien for me too believe.

"Why me?" was all I could manage to say, more like a whisper.

"Well, when we saw the girl. She was very beautiful, so you seemed like the perfect match." she had said, settling in to the seat next to me. 

"What, don't compliment me now! You have hated me ever since I got the job at the station. You speak to me like I am dirt and then you have the guts for you to ask me to put my whole life on the line for the job. If it was for someone else who had your job then I would say yes only after talking it through with George. With you though, well... I might as well hand in my resignation letter now. You have put my through hell and then dragged me back. It's like being on a elastic band. Your so different to me than the others." I picked up a chair and through it across the room in my anger, "If you think that you are getting me to say goodbye to all of my new and perfect life for this measly case then you have another thing coming, miss." I shrieked at her before my hand yanked at the door and I stormed out. I went back to my office, open the door stepped inside and locked it again and then sank to the floor. My hands covered my face as I wept. Tears fell in to my sweaty palms. My phone buzzed a few times. I don't know who it was or when but I didn't care, I just wanted to curl up and die. I sat there still crying, as the morning sun crept through my blinds.


I woke to the sound of George's shouting. I looked up but did not move. I listened to the sound, savouring it. I knew I wouldn't be able to hear this voice much longer. I would miss it badly.

"Where is she, I left four messages on her phone and she hasn't replied. She said she would ring by the time she knew what was happening." he had said to quick and full of panic. Mumbles of my colleagues started to talk to him, trying to sooth him but then he must have been told what was happening.

"WHAT? YOU HAVE MADE HER! She has NO other choice in this." He shouted, full of rage this time. The panic gone completely. I fell limp against the door. Footsteps came towards the room, I was scared for the first time for George. I didn't know him to be like this. The was a knock above me on the door.

"Honey, are you okay? You forgot to call me." he said, I could tell that he was on the verge of crying himself. I said nothing, I felt as though if I spoke I would just break in to tears this time. I wouldn't be able to stop. I felt the rattle of the door handle.

"What do you mean you haven't seen her? You are her boss and all!"

"I am sorry Mr. Marshall." I heard the ice in her voice, that made us both who she hated. Through the door I could hear the faint rattle of keys going in to the lock. I heard the latch obidientlly loosen and the door opened a crack. I knew the face that would pop round first. His head looked in to the room. They shut the door, I moved to the wall. I didn't want to be discovered. The door opened wide again. George was the only one who came in. He went to my desk to see if I was under it or had left a note. He found nothing. He turned to leave when he caught sight of my boot. He slowly walked towards me and shut the door. He said nothing, he sank to his knees and then dragged me out of the corner. He sat me on his knee. I couldn't help it any more, I started to cry again. He made comforting sounds as he rocked me on his knee. The door open to reveal her, he stopped for only one moment. His eyes and head shot up in to her direction. He stood up and placed me in his arms like a big baby. He walked out of the station, with me still in his arms, everyone looked out after us. I never wanted to come back here, but I had to. I knew I had to come back.  

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