As the girl looked around in her bag, she heard heavy footstep on the tarmac behind her. As she searched, she grabbed her pepper spray and laid her nervous and impatient fingers around the cap. The footsteps continued, she grabbed her bag tightly. her feet slowly turned around to face the brute, only to find that he was like death walking. His presence made her innards curdle. He smiled, oddly that was the brightest thing about him. His teeth were so... perfect. She smiled back, he lent down to kiss her neck. His smile widened, his lips curled around his teeth. He was ready to strike. To claim another victim.
As the piles of murder stack up on J. Johnson's desk he must find out what is in common with all of the victims. There was no gun, there was no knife. What he found lead him to myths and legends, but they were the only possible answer.


2. Dream

My feet pounded the tarmac. His deep cackle was all around me. I couldn't tell where it was coming from. 

"You will never get me, people will fall victim to me. One day you will too!"

My mobile buzzed in my jacket pocket. Man, he didn't know I had one. He stared at me, horror was growing dramatically through his face. All of the humour was gone. He blinked once and, with amazing strength, leaped on to the roof tops. The night was quiet, all apart from my phone. I stood there, watching the way the man went. Lights blinded me. A taxi. It swerved to miss me but failed. I was flung in to the air.

I woke with a start. My husband shook me, trying to wake me from my dream. Boy was that creepy.

"Honey, phone for you." he had said, I didn't want to wake our new puppy to wake. I yawned and took the phone to my ear.

"Hello, Emma Marshall here."

"Serg, we need you down the station immanently. Brand new crime, are you a fan of twilight?" A young Pc commented down my ear.

"Yeah, I like the books why?" I said, jet lag was covering my usual perky voice.

"You'll see when you get down here. No uniform is needed Serg."

"Be there in five." I gave the phone back to George and jumped out of bed. I ran to the wardrobe and got dressed. I didn't want to leave my brand new hubby. I had married him a few weeks ago. 

"What is it hun?" he asked propping himself up against the pillows.

"New case, apparently vampires. Like Edward and Bella, you know." I said buttoning up my shirt.

"When will you be back?"

"I'll call you when I know how bad this is." 

I grabbed the keys and kissed him passionately. I loved him so much that I didn't want to leave him. I didn't tell him that my dream and reality were real. If they were was I mad? Or was this just coincidence? I scuttled quietly passed Monty, the springer spaniel puppy, and locked the door as I left. I sighed as I started the car. One thing caught my eye. The clock in the car said 1:30 am. No wonder that it was so dark. The car revved to life and I reversed on to the quiet road. I wasn't looking forward to this.   

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