At Midnight

Written from a grandma's perspective, trying to send her grandchild to bed.


1. At Midnight

When kids reach a certain age,

They refuse to go to sleep,

They've passed the age when they could,

Just count the meadow of sheep.


I'd know this very well and,

Now that Tommy is eight,

He's refusing to go up to bed,

And now it’s getting quite late.


He's begging for a story first,

can you believe the cheek?

If I was younger I'd scold him,

But now I'm tired and weak.


So I sigh and say, "okay then,

But first go shut the door.

I'll tell you a REAL tale I know,

Go and sit down on the floor,"


"At midnight, 12pm sharp,

When all the lights are dead,

When kids like you and others are,

“Supposed” to be in bed.


A little elf will be in the garden,

He’ll be looking for a mate,

You only have to look outside,

To see him standing at the gate.



You'll spend the night watching the stars,

As they shimmer beside the moon,

Then he will smile sleepily, saying,

"Daylight will be coming soon."


The world will then turn a brilliant blue,

The sun will heave himself up to the skies,

You then have your goodbyes and hugs,

With dark shadows under your eyes,


Then you will go straight back to bed,

Pretending you were asleep the whole time,

Your parents might ask why you look pale or sick,

Just say you're completely fine.


Cross your fingers behind your back,

And say you had a very good sleep,

You don't tell them a single thing,

A secret you promised to keep.


So that's why you should go upstairs to bed,

When I send you to bed at eight,

Because at midnight, twelve pm sharp,

He'll be waiting at the gate."

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