Alice, Jake and the evil vampire

This is about a teen girl called Alice.Her mother die's in a car crash and alice starts having nightmares.She goes to live with her grandfather Billy and get a shock.Jake an extremly good looking teenager works for her grandfather and live with him and Jakes sister Emily is getting bullied in school but doesnt tell her brother.But there are bigger things happening a evil vampire wants Alice.Will he get her or will a shining knight come to save her.Jake also has a big secret


2. Everthing going well

Everyone was silent while Jake was driving but the radio was on so that relaxed me a little bit.

It wasn't long until we arrived at Billy's house.It was really big.It had a nice porch that had a wooden old bench on and there was flower pots at either side.Leaves were scattered everywhere and tall trees surrounding the house.The truck rumbled to a stop and Jake and Billy got out first.Billy went to the door and fussed over a bunch of keys until he found a gold thin one.Jake came to Emily's side and helped her out and carried her bag for her.I grabbed my huge bag and got out and walked up the fount porch steps with Emily and Jake.The air smelled damp and fresh. probably because it must have been raining before.


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