A war for love

This is a story about a witch who falls in love with a handsome werewolf but they cannot be together or can they?
They must fight for their love because they are different.
The war begins
Werewolf, witches and vampires
Who will be left


1. The beginging


It was a constant tapping on my cheek that woke me up from my deep sleep. "Wakey, wakey come on we have a long day ahead." sang my 19 year old sister, Michelle.Her long wavy pitch black hair tickiling my face as she was looming over me, seeing if i was awake.Her dark brown eyes twinkling with amusement and her mouth twitching trying not to laugh.

"Ok, ok im getting up now."i groaned. I shifted and sat up.Michelle walked over to my wooden wordrobe and started pulling out a red velvet dress with black lace design.Then she pulled out a black cloak to match with the outfit and then grabbed some red 4 inch heels out.I hated wearing heels, i dont see the point of wearing them in the woods because i end up tripping up, falling over and landing flat on my face and getting stuck in the mud.

 She came over and put my stuff on my bed beside me and said "Hurry up, you dont want Stella to be angry and lecture you." There were line on her forehead corzed by concern. "I know, what do i have to do today anyways?I have to go and collect wood, flowers, and some other stuff,I wrote the list and left it on the counter in the kitchen last night.:

Michelle smile and said that's not all you've got to do today you also have to collect a pie from Auntie,then do some cleaning and that's about it."  

I sighed and said sarcastically "So not much to do then." She laughed and  turned on her heel and closed the wooden door behind her with a light thud.

Sometimes i really wished i had my own place to live, i just get bossed around by my oldest sister.I hate being the youngest out of four.I wish i could just jump into one of my books.The books with the 'normal' teenage girl, with the 'normal' family and 'normal' teenage girl dramas.Least in them books the girl grows up, goes to collage , gets a job and a house with a guy who she will marry and have children with.My life is full of clans that try to kill each other and never being able to trust anyone because they could always be using you to their advantage.Its sad to think this is all my life has to offer.I guess its not all bad since i read books to escape from this world and am able to put myself in a characters world that i dream of having.

I take a step back and look into my floor length en carved wooden mirror.I stare back at myself and notice my hair has grown a few inches.My multi tones of brown hair end at my hips.


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