A Dark Engagement


5. The Start Of A New Beginnging

So where do I stand now, my fiancée is mortally petrified of going outside and she can't even do anything on her own anymore, I'm worried for her because I have no idea how to help her, I want to be there for her but its hard because she's so scared.

The other day I sat down with her and tried to talk to her while I held her (closely but softly) I said these exact words "I know I can't be here all the time to help you but while I'm your husband I'm gonna try my best to make sure your safe okay."

As she cried I could feel her shaking and see her all weak and scared so I hugged her more tighter, gently though so I didn't hurt her, I could also sense that she wasn't right, her body language told me to be here for her.

I tried taking her out of the house because it wasn't easy for her to do this, it was hard but lately she started managing going out, but she can never go out alone, I always have to be there for her when we are out.

She couldn't eat either her stomach was like, *hell no I'm not having that* so everytime she eat something she was always sick but she's starting to eat now (small amounts but at least she's eating) she also had trouble sleeping because she would constantly have nightmares over the whole event.
So every night I sleep by her side with my arm around her so she can sleep easy, sure I'd have lack of sleep sometimes but I was doing this for Rose so I didn't mind.

I started taking her to rehab where she could get help better than what I was giving her, I noticed other a few months that it was really helping her and I could see that she was getting more confident again and was getting better at eating and sleeping.

But I thought to myself "No matter what happens I will always be here for Rosé and I will protect her at all costs, she saved my life and I want to repay her for doing that."

After a few months of rehab Rose started going out again and she could do things that she couldn't do before and I was there to help her along if she needed it, I was really proud with Rose she had become so strong again and I wasn't gonna let anything bring her down, I can't bare to see her like this again because she has struggled so much and it's taken her a whole year to get strong again.

One night I got Rose in a room and I sat down next to her and I said "I know you've become strong again but I'm always gonna be here for you okay? I can't stand to see you as weak as this again"

She Replied "Thank you Dan, I really appreciate the amount of time and help you've dedicated to me throughout all this mess, thanks to you I can stand on my own two feet again and I can eat and go out again." "I made the right choice when I ask you to marry me, I know no man who would of been so supportive like you have and that's more than I could ever ask for."

Dan? I have one last request?


"Will You Marry Me again?"

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