A Dark Engagement


1. The Scary Love

It was my first day of high school I was scared thinking that I wouldn't fit in because I was different from the others because I had dissabilities and I was ugly.
I also was fat but I still had the courage to show my face around even though I looked like I just came out of the dump.

I sat in the park and thought *what if people give me harassment because of the way I look?* after a while I went for a walk around town, the town I lived in at the time was peaceful and quiet so I had plenty of time to gather my thoughts.

Just before I got to school I started panicking and shaking like crazy I knew I wasn't going to make it.
I sat down in class and all I heard was "haha look at the new guy I bet he doesn't even know what a diet looks like or a salad for that matter" I took this in and just got on with my work it came to recess and I was just minding my own business when from behind all I heard was "hey fat guy, you ever seen a gym lately?" I said yeah what's your point? "my point is you obviously haven't you fat lying nerd" then all I heard was.... Get him.

They punched me and kicked me in.
they wouldn't stop
they kept me out of classes and nobody believed me when I tried to tell them what was going on.

Every night while this was going on I'd stay awake at night and I cut my arms I was highly suicidal and I couldn't stop thinking about everything that was going on it just made me cut harder and deeper.

One day it all happened again but there was a girl who saw it all and helped me stand up she said "are you okay" I said no she took me to the headmaster and she told him what she had saw and said "okay I'll look into it thank you for helping him, "it's okay sir" we left the office and she walked home with me but she could see I had something wrong with my ankle so she helped me take the weight off it and helped me home.
we got home and she stayed with me, I asked for her name I said excuse me but what's your name? She said "It's Rose" what's yours? I'm called Dan, listen Rose thank you for what you did today it means everything because this had been happing for ages now she said softly "it's ok, I'm always going to be here for you okay? I've seen you get bullied all year and I've seen you with scars on your arms! But don't worrie because I'm here for life".

Everyday Rose would keep me safe and made sure nothing happened to me which I appreciated so much because without her I'd probably be dead from cutting so deep now.

One day she said "can I talk to you about us" I said sure not knowing weather to smile or cry!
She said "look I love you okay, I'll admit that but I've been scared to tell you because of how bad you've been hurting and I was hurting too because I don't like seeing others hurt but I've grown fond of you these past few weeks and I think I can try a relationship with you what do you say?" Rose I'm sorry, I'm sorry I couldn't let you get that feeling out but I'm willing to be your boyfriend if that's what you want babe.

She smiled and said okay! (:

We hugged and went to bed together for the first time and she cuddled up to me and said "it's all going to be okay now Dan"

Love you Dan ❤

Love you Rose ❤
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