A Dark Engagement


2. The Date

It was 6am, it was dark, I opened the window quietly as Rose was still sleeping.

I could feel the gentle breeze filling into the room as the sun started rising.

Rose awakened with a gently smile on her beautiful face as the sun hit her face, she said "good morning babe" I helped her out of bed and we both got dressed.

We went downstairs for breakfast I said, what would you like to eat babe? She replied "oh jus toast please, I'm not that hungry".
What do you want?

Just Cornflakes.

We sat down together at the table and eat our breakfast and we had a laugh.

We went back upstairs when we had finished our breakfast to decide what we were gonna do for the day, she came up with an idea, I said what is it? She replied: how about a date? I said yeah of course, where do you wanna go?

She replied, I'm not sure, just take me anywhere I'll be happy because it's with you!

We planned were we were going and we decided to go for a romantic dinner in a posh restaurant in London.

We didn't care how much it costed because we loved each other and that's all that mattered to us.

The waiter came over and what can I get you both?
I said can I have the valentines special, Rose said same here.

It was a while before we could get our food because we had to wait for other orders but it was okay it gave Rose the chance to get to know me better.
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