A Dark Engagement


3. A Dark Engagement.

"Dan" yes Rose?

"Can we talk together?"

I answered yes but had a strange look on my face as I didn't know where to put my thoughts.

"Dan listen we've been together for nearly a month now and I wanted to enhance our relationship because honestly, I think it's going really well and we have such a strong chemistry."

I feel the same way Rose, I feel we have such a beautiful relationship and if your ready to take it to a new level then I am too.

"Okay here's an idea, how about we get engaged, just engaged... for now... Just to see what it would be like, cause what if we have problems or something goes wrong or something?"

That's a great idea, yes I will get engaged to you baby Rose.

We went looking for rings (separately so we didn't spoil it for each other) we spent about half the day in two different towns looking around different Jewellers, finally I found a ring that showed what Rose meant to me, I returned home and waited for Rose to arrive home.

It was about 7pm and she hadn't returned, i tried to phone her mobile... no answer.... I was scared, it was Rose and she was my life, my rock, my everything.

It was about 9:39 and Rose was still not home, so I decided (bravely) to go search for her, it was dark, I felt lonely and was petrified I kept thinking -what if something's bad happened to my girl- then suddenly I felt something grab me, it was a 18 year old's hands, they were covered in blood, she kept crying and saying "Dan Dan Dan, help me before it's too late." I said Rose?.

I hugged her as tight as I can, she still had the ring that she had bought for me, she said "Take this ring but never wear it because it's tainted" I said how? She replied "LOOK AT ME STUPID" I said sorry Rose, I helped her to her feet and she could hardly stand, I rang for an ambulance and it came within 5 minutes.

In the hospital the doctors asked Rose what had happened and all I heard her say before she blacked out was "I was raped"

I literally broke down in tears and couldn't leave a statement for the police because of how much I was hurting.
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