A Dark Engagement


4. A Dark Confession.

As I stood in the hospital all I could think about was Rose, "was she gonna be okay, did I have to lose her"

The doctors tried to keep her heart beating and to their surprise it did.

Just then as i stood next to her looking away i heard a girl's voice softy say "Dan" she gripped my hand and said "Thank you for everything and thank you so much for standing by me through all this."

"I'm always going to be here for you okay."

The police came in and asked us both for a statement about the incident.

Rose told them what had happened and then they asked me why I was there and what I was doing there at that time of night with a girl....alone.

I just told them the truth I said "I got worried because she hadn't returned home from town because she was out buying me a ring because we just got engaged."
"I went out looking for her and I found her sitting there alone, I didn't even know she was bleeding because it was so dark, it wasn't till she held me that I noticed blood."

The police accepted our statements and left without further question.

A while later Rose asked the doctors if she could be alone with me.
The Doctors said "Okay but we'll just be outside incase you need us ok?"
Rose said "Okay" and they went outside.

Rose started talking to me about what had happened, she said.

"When I was coming home with your ring, there was these 3 strangers following me, one had a knife, one had a gun and the other had both, I was really scared that I was going to be killed"

"When I got so far back home, one grabbed me and started raping me hard, then he stabbed my arms and legs so I couldn't move anywhere, that's when they heard you coming and started legging it"

I said "Rose that is so cruel, why would anyone want to do that to you, I know your safe now but I really hope your okay and not hurting too much"

She replied, "As long as I have you and these incredible doctors I'll be okay, I promise"

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