Dear Diary, please let me breathe again

Do you dare to read another persons diary?
The diary is filled with a girls stories, feelings, tears and you can almost feel her smiles too.


13. Memories

Dear Diary,

I've spend a lot of time in the forgotten garden lately.. It reminds me about my childhood, and I can think without being disturbed.

Restless timeless shadows moving way too fast. Destination unknown. And these days you can't tell days from nights. Is it dark, is it light, is it just another fight?
Nightingales cross your path in the forgotten garden. Singing songs of your past in the forgotten garden.
Reflect the sound of silence in the moon. You're a frozen pearl waiting to be a flower in bloom. And let you to their collection of the lost.
Sleepless nights are not even that bad. It's just that you've lost something you never had.
I lay the blame outside the door. Please.. Please, don't come back for more. Silence.. Silence is what outside is. Memories cross your path in the forgotten garden.


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