Dear Diary, please let me breathe again

Do you dare to read another persons diary?
The diary is filled with a girls stories, feelings, tears and you can almost feel her smiles too.


5. Longing

Dear Diary,

Imagine a world without me - says he's falling apart. Let's pretend he have missed me for a while. Wouldn't he say he was lonely and love was breaking his heart?
I'll just put on my Sunday best and fake a smile.
I dream of dreaming dreams of him - in twilight he's a constant blur. The picture is clear, and I'm still fact he's fiction. Remember the night he was with me - fell asleep by my side.Strangers together, his hand in mine. How come we never came closer when all the stars were aligned? I thought we had a moment.
Nothing has changed cause I'm still fact - he's fiction. Or I may be imperfectly formed in this contradiction.
I fell in love with his longing - let's just say that he never found out. Who it was he never found in me. I seem to miss the missing part, he's still my favorrite work of art.

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