Dear Diary, please let me breathe again

Do you dare to read another persons diary?
The diary is filled with a girls stories, feelings, tears and you can almost feel her smiles too.


12. Garden

Dear Diary,

I was walking by myself in the woods last night. I may have forgotten to tell you, but when I was 7 years old, I found a magically place in the middle of the woods. There's flowers everywhere, it's so beautiful. The first time I was there, I named it 'the forgotten garden'. I usually go there, when I need to think, or I just need to be alone. Noone but me knows about the forgotten garden.

Yesterday I spend my evening, alone, in the forgotten garden. Just thinking.. About everything.

I have a trouble in mind, and so have you? You might be colour blind, but you can tell false from true. What is the colour of my eyes? You're in walking distance from yourself, but you'd rather stay away tonight. The streets are dirty, and so is your past.


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