Dear Diary, please let me breathe again

Do you dare to read another persons diary?
The diary is filled with a girls stories, feelings, tears and you can almost feel her smiles too.


6. Elevators

Dear Diary,

I'm waiting to put my feet on the ground. I'm tired of going up and down. But sometimes it feels safer, waiting. It's beautiful at the top. But I never really get a chance to stop. It feels like I am falling again. Doors are opening, doors are closing, people come and go, but I'm still riding elevators.
Never here or there, on the ground or in the air. People come and go, but I'm still riding elevators. Everyone seems to have somewhere to go. I dream of going with them but I don't. I'm looking down always on every floor. But I never really find what I'm looking for. But I keep looking for him. If I get off and I could get lost.
Or better, if he was there, I wouldn't have to keep riding elevators.


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