Dear Diary, please let me breathe again

Do you dare to read another persons diary?
The diary is filled with a girls stories, feelings, tears and you can almost feel her smiles too.


20. Casual Cliché

Dear Diary,

I've spend my day in the garden, and it's still beautiful. But why do I feel so sad then? Let me try to explain.

Absent minded walking around in the streets of my secret garden. My trunk is the only true picture of my pressence. I don't feel pain - I don't feel any pleasure. My juvenile senses are caught in a cobweb.
Life is just another Casual Cliché.
Where is God and the meaning anyway? Don't go mad - just go away. How I wish that I could feel love and desire, the way that I used to. I can't remember last time I cried or laughed for real.
I want to break down - I want to break free. If I could just sense that way again.


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