Rosalie and Tristan

Rosalie taken from her mother, farther and little brother.
Tristan a hot vampire, who hates his family and wants to rule the kingdom and kill the human race but he can only take over if he gets married.
Rosalie confused and thinks shes in love with Tristan and accepts his proposal and lets him turn her into a vampire but overhears him and his friends.
"So, do you really love her?"
"Hell no but she is good for one thing, if you know what i mean."
Him and his friends laugh.
Rosalie hurt and shocked, runs away but only to meet the nicest guy in the world.
But she finds that shes pregnant.
What does she do?
And she needs to think fast because Tristan is hot on her trail and hes angry.


2. Rosalie


My eyes opened.I yawned and streched. I sat myself up and screamed at the top of my voice, so high it hurt my throut.There was a strange guy properly younger than me, if i had to guess i would say sixteen.He was sitting in the armchair that was next to the bed i was lying on.He flinched at the scream. I balled my hands and beneath my hands i felt a nice material.I looked down.The bed cover was made from blue, silk.And in the room there was; a fireplace in frount, to the right side was a window, next to that there was a dressing table.Through the windows i saw millions of heads of trees. But that was odd that would mean i was high up.Seeing that the walls were made with old bricks.I must be in the tower of a castle. I looked at the stranger and saw behind him, that there was my only exit.How could i get around him?And why was i even here?Actually i dont even remember getting here?Well however i got here, it could be a good reason. The stranger sat there watching me as though i was a zoo animal. He had extremely pale skin and had eyes the same colour as blood.He had black spiky hair and plumbed up lips.And behind the gorgoeus lip were teeth so sharp the slightest impact could kill you.Only if you got on his bad side but by the look of him, you could get on that bad side easily. He wore a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a blue denim jacket. "Who are you?Where am i?" i asked my voice only allowing under a whisper.A million questions going through my mind.The stranger's lips parted and said "I'm Spike and there is no need to be scared.Tristan will be here soon and will explain everything." his voice was angelic.And not normal... and who was "Tristan". There was two hard knocks on the wooden door.The door swung open and  someone took a step in.He looked evil but there was something els... Something i liked.He was tall,lean and must have worked alot in the GYM.He had brown hair and blood coloured eyes like the other guy, what was his name?....Spike that was it.And he was extremely pale as well.There was something really terrifyingly diffrent about these two.Something not human.He wore black jeans, a white T-shirt, sneakers and a black leather jacket.There was a bunch of fireworks in my heart spiralling away.I felt something i've never felt before and it was scary.He must have seen me scanning him because he grinned and it lit up his face.Blood was rushing to my face, i was blushing!!!! No,no,no,no.  Spike intruppeted my angry protest that was brewing inside of me. "She woke up a few minutes ago." informed Spike. "Shall i leave?" asked Spike. "Yes, that would be great annd could you and the others start training." Training?What kind of training? Spike smiled in response and walked past Tristan, to the door and left. I gulped not knowing weather i would come out alive or lying on the blue silk bedsheets with blood and gut spilled out.I looked up at the gorgeous guy, who was looking down at me with his amazing smile. "Hello im Tristan and your properly wondering what your doing here?"
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