Rosalie and Tristan

Rosalie taken from her mother, farther and little brother.
Tristan a hot vampire, who hates his family and wants to rule the kingdom and kill the human race but he can only take over if he gets married.
Rosalie confused and thinks shes in love with Tristan and accepts his proposal and lets him turn her into a vampire but overhears him and his friends.
"So, do you really love her?"
"Hell no but she is good for one thing, if you know what i mean."
Him and his friends laugh.
Rosalie hurt and shocked, runs away but only to meet the nicest guy in the world.
But she finds that shes pregnant.
What does she do?
And she needs to think fast because Tristan is hot on her trail and hes angry.


1. Midnight Tristan


    I was crouching on a high branch in the tree's, waiting for some innocent person to hunt down.To drain their warm blood out if their body and have pleasure to see their lifeless eyes and cold body lying on the damp soil floor. Then suddenly there was a beautiful girl about seventeen or eighteen wearing a red silk dress.She must have came from the high school party a couple of miles away.But what was she doing in the woods at this time? I jumped down two branches to get a better view of her face.She had long elegant brown hair going down her back and her cheeks a faint red from the wintery weather.She had crystal dark blue eyes and her lips a glassy light pink.She must have been frezzing and vunerable. And an easy target for my plan... And it will go exactly like this.I'll play her, make her fall in love with me, turn her into a vampire and make her my bride.So i can takeover from my father and get rid of my sister and mother.My father has been slacking in keeping the people in our kind in order.I will bring fear and destruction to the fragile humans that they are.It will be easy if no one gets in my way.And the plan start now....  
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