The magical flute that sings

I writing about a magical flute that can sings and the awesome adventurers of the flutes travels in a place far away from here. I would like you to read it please and I am trying to write more as well.


1. The magically flute

Once in a land far away, a young prince spent his time playing the flute.  He was in love and loved playing the flute all day making up songs to his sweet heart and when they were finished he would sometimes sing in private and he would never sing to his sweet heart he was to afraid of doing that.


He was afraid of being rejected and the fear of being rejected made him sad.  The name of his flute was Amber and he loved playing it.  It was called Amber because of its color and also because of the amber sweet tunes his flute could play.


“Hey there” said Abi (his sweet heart)


“Hi” he said back


“Would you like to play me a tune please?  Ya’ll been quiet since I wasn’t around?” said Abi


“Yes my sweet heart” he replied and then he started to cry

“I missed you lots” he said


“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine now I’m back” said Abi


Then he took his flute and played for his sweet heart.


*… more to come





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