No One

Five kids have strange powers that they've never had. They become friends fast after one of them falls out a window. Ashling gets visions about Slender man. They need to be careful. They need to catch Slender man for killing there classmates. But will they save everyone? Will they die in the proses? What about there power's? Will they go out of control? And how about Slender man. Will he get what he wants?


4. Voice problems.

Chapter four

Warm. Cozy. But blackness. W-What happened? I feel numb. I hear voices. Images. My eyes open half way and I look around. I see Lila walking back and forth across the room, a-and Astrid trying not to cry by my left side. Even Hollows expression is worried, and Daren’s looking down and tapping his right leg. Even Alex is here trying to look happy like her personality is but is failing miserable. Ha mother birds. I reach over and touch Daren’s tapping leg. He slowly looks up to see me have a ghost of a smile.

“Ashling?” Daren questions. I move my hand back and forth to reassure him I’m really there. Sadly, Astrid saw this and jump on me and clung to me around my neck.

“Ashling! I was so worried! Don’t scare me ever again!” Astrid’s making my ears bleed.

“Your ok now?” Hollow asks while regaining his emotionless face. I nod. Lila comes over and unlinks Astrid’s hands from my neck and gives me one of her rare smiles. I try to say thanks but nothing comes out. I put my hand over my mouth and look down. I-I what’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong I just woke up that’s all. Maybe I shou-

“Ashling? Are you hungry? Or thirsty?” Lila asks. That’s the first time I’ve seen her concerned. I look up. I’m not hungry but I’m thirsty. I nod, she seems to get it.

“So, Ashling. What happened?” Hollow asks mockingly. I glare at him, and I know he’s glaring back.

“Ashling.” I lost the glaring contest and look at Astrid. There’s tears in her eyes. “What happened? Please tell us.” a tear goes down her cheek and she looks at me with puppy dog eyes. I nod. I take a deep breath and try to talk again. Nothing comes out. I frown when that happened. Damn, what’s wrong with me? Lila comes in with water and the male doctor. She hands me the water and I give her a nod as a thanks and take a drink.

The doctor bends down to my level and I frown. I’m not that short. I’m 5’4, but stupidly my friends are taller then me. Ugh, I give a sigh and set my cup down.

“So I need to run some test to see how her conditions is.” the doctor states. My friends understand and head out.

“So can you take off your hood for me?” he asks. My frown deepens at that sentence. I shake me head no.

“Why not? You feel on your back and I need to see if there’s bruises.” he says. I put up a finger and look around the room. He follows my graze. Creeper. I find a pen in his shirt pocket and a not pad on the desk. Perfect. I reach for the note pad, and then the pen. I write,

‘I will not take off my shirt or hood, unless Lila is in here with me. Or you could get me a girl doctor.’ He sighs and gets up and walks to the door and asks for Lila, they come back in and she seems concerned.

“Is something wrong?” she asks.

“She won't do what I say unless your in here.” he says broadly.

“Ugh, Ashling your so stubborn.” she says while smacking her head. I smirk at that comment. But I take off my hoodie slowly. Shit. There going to ask questions. When my hoodie was off, the doctor and Lila looked surprised at what they see.

“Ashling. You told me you looked different but this is..” she tries to find the right word. I grab my note pad and flip to a new page and write one word and show it to her. ‘Unique.’

“Ya, that.” she says.

“Wait. Why are you writing on a note pad?” she questions and come’s to sit by my side.

‘I don’t know. I woke up and couldn’t talk. So I just used this.’ I wrote. She doesn’t do anything, move, talk, or blink.

Astrid knocks on the door then enters. She’s about to ask something but before she could.


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