No One

Five kids have strange powers that they've never had. They become friends fast after one of them falls out a window. Ashling gets visions about Slender man. They need to be careful. They need to catch Slender man for killing there classmates. But will they save everyone? Will they die in the proses? What about there power's? Will they go out of control? And how about Slender man. Will he get what he wants?


2. Meet everyone, and some answers.

Chapter two

“That’s not a true story! You made that up! You did it to scare us! That’s why you have no friends! I told you not to invite her Lila.” a scared voice tells.

“Maybe, I am making this up. Maybe, I’m not. It’s your choice to believe it.” I mysteriously say. She’s pushing my patients. Who says she’s the boss of this retarded sleepover. They wanted me to tell a story, so I gave them one.

Alex: Has curly dirty blond hair that goes to her shoulders, with bangs bellow her eyebrows. Has perusing blue eyes, and has very pink lips. She’s a girly girl. She’s popular and hate’s weird people. Everyone follows her around. Power: Mind control, and reading.

“Alex. Shut up. It’s her story she gave us. You started this whole damn thing. She even asked you what genre you wanted and you said scary. Now don’t act like a bitch and let her finish the story.” Lila’s calmness went through the roof. Now that’s, the Lila I know. “S-Sorry L-Lila.”

Lila: Has wavy black hair with red streaks that goes down to her feet. Also has bangs that are above her eyebrows. Had green grassy eyes, and has snake bites. Is a rebel. Power: Senses.(Can hear, see, smell, know what it taste like from any direction close or far.)

Daren: Bright orange hair that’s goes in all directions. Chocolate eyes, and is muscular. Is the strength of our group. A jock. Power: Strength.

Ashling: Snowy white hair that goes down to her waist, and a left side bang that covers her eye. Crimson eyes. A scar on her right cheek. Power: Visions.(Can see past, present, future. Even things that she can try to prevent.) A skater/tomboy.

Wimp. Who gets scared of that. I have a bigger bite. “Ashling? Are you going to finish the story?” Daren questions.

“Ya, I was just day dreaming.” I answer when I slowly turn my head to look in his eyes. He just nods his head knowing why I was off into space. “Where was I?” I ask.

“You where when it says Slender man.” Astrid exclaims. I nod a thanks and start again.

It says, “Slender man.” You tense up. S-Slender m-man? I-Is it g-going to kill m-me? You wonder. Will it slice me into pieces and place me somewhere deep into the forest? Will I be the first person to survive this mess? Someone, please, help me. You open your eyes but still you see nothing but pitch black. Why can’t I see? You wonder. Am I blind? What happened when I was out. How come he didn’t just kill me off? As all these thoughts go through your head, you feel something like a slimy snail going across your face. You freeze to see what will happen next. It speaks somehow. But you strain to catch what “it” said. “Different.”

Different? What does that mean. It whispers another word. But this time when “it” speaks, tears stream down your face. “P-Ple-eas n-n-no.” you trip over your words. This can’t be happening. Why me? Why my children? Please, someone help. “I’ll let you go.” it taunts. You smile on that word and try to stop the tears, but you feel your hands blinded by…by… tree bark? “If.” is continues. There’s always a catch when something bad happened. “I-If what?” you ask hesitantly. “In a hundred years from now, your great, great etc. will be born.” It echo’s clearly.

It speaks clearly? I understand it. “So, I want your great grand child to become my servant. Do you agree?” It announces. You think. Should I? What will happen in the future? Is this a joke? “10,9,8,7.” It counts down. Is that my life span? “6,5,4.” “Yes!” you surrender. “Good.” Its voice sounds raspy. Your so happy. Its letting me- Those were the last words you thought of. He did let you go. To death.

“The end.” I state.

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