No One

Five kids have strange powers that they've never had. They become friends fast after one of them falls out a window. Ashling gets visions about Slender man. They need to be careful. They need to catch Slender man for killing there classmates. But will they save everyone? Will they die in the proses? What about there power's? Will they go out of control? And how about Slender man. Will he get what he wants?


5. Him and the beginning.

Chapter five

The building shakes and groans. It got hit on the top floor by something. There’s sirens and fire. There’s also a person walking strait towards me. I need to get up. I push the doctor off me. Trying to protect me? Stupid. He died to, damn. I see a huge hole that goes to my right. The persons coming from that direction. He’s in a business suite. H-He has n-no face. But I can tell in this moment he’s smirking.

I look around the room. A-A-Astrid and L-Lila are d-dead. I fall to my knees. There crushed by rubble. Lila should of know this was coming. I should of known this was coming. Tap. Tap. Tap. He’s getting closer. I can feel his aura. It’s crushing. I’m going to pass out again. No. I need to be strong. Tap. Tap. Ta- He’s right in front of me. I’m frozen on the spot.

I’m going to die. Damn, I didn’t get to do things yet that interest me. “Different.” My eye’s widen. My blood runs cold. I can’t breath. “Mine.” What the hell. It’s like my story. T-This is got to be a dream. I feel my hair move up. He’s touching my hair. Shitface. I can tell he’s moving my hair in between his…his…lets just say fingers.

I took my hood off and he can see me perfectly. My snowy white hair that goes down to my waits. His “fingers” are playing with a strip of hair. A “hand” comes to my face and cups my chin. He moves my face up to look at his empty one. I blink. I’m calm. I feel nothing.

“Different.” its somehow is talking to me. I nod. “Servant.” I nod. I nodded to being a servant. But I can’t move. He’s doing it himself. Fuck! He lifts me up in the air with his tentacles. I hear sirens and firefighters yelling and cursing. He brings me close. One of his tentacles are right above my forehead, inches away. I watch it. But I show no emotion. “No one.”

That’s what I hear before the tentacle touches my head and my eyes go dull. I fall to the ground. I can’t move. “Restart.” it says.

I wake up in a room with sweat coming off my face. I breath in and out, trying to catch my breath.

“Ashling? Are you ok?” Astrid asks. I freeze. Astrid. I look around the room. I-I was never in the hospital. Never did I fall out the window. Nothing happened. I’m still alive here. But damn, I was sleeping in class.

“Ashling! Where you paying attention at all to the lesson?” my teacher yells. I look up and he freezes.

“Go to the nurse.” that’s what he said then went back to the lesson. I take my backpack and walk out of the room. Before I leave I look at everyone, the time, and the date. I was dreaming about something but what?

“Hey freak! Don’t sleep in class anymore of you might have a dick on your face!” Alex exclaims. Everyone laughs. That’s not funny.

“Class shut up!” the teacher yells. Everyone looks forward and lets the teacher do the lesson. I leave. I start walking down the hall and curse myself mentality. I see the nurses office at the end of the hall. I keep walking towards that door. I wipe the sweat off my face, and keep walking.

As I get towards the door, I start to get a vision.

‘N-No not now.’ I sign to no one. I hold onto the wall for help.

“Different. Mine. Servant. Death. Power.” it’s talking to me again. Damn him. ‘I know I’m your servant. I got that from day one.’ I sign to him. “Good, remember.” he says.

I open my eye’s and get up from the wall. I take a deep breath and look at the time. 12:05. Lunch time. Good, alone time. The bell rings by my ear. I take both of my double sided blades and stab the bell. It dies. I make my swords into twin bracelets and thought about what I did. Ugh, damn it. I hear kids come out. I vanish towards “my” sakura tree. I sit at a branch that’s hidden from everyone’s view.

I wait for kids to come so I can listen to their conversations. No I’m not and ease dropper. I’m just bored, so I listen to peoples conversation. I’m like over a million years old. I need to know information for 2012. I cough and hack something up. Blood. Damn, I swear I didn’t do anything. I need to stop hanging out with “master.” He’s killing me slowly.

“Hey Lila. Don’t you think Demon is hot? He’s the most popular boy in school, and I’m the most popular girl in school so don’t you think we would make a good couple?” Alex the “devil” asks.

“Whatever, why are you even talking to me. You’re a popular, I’m a rebel.” Lila scoffs.

“You know you’re my bffaskg.” Alex exclaims.

“One: I’m not your friend. Two: What the hell does bffaskg?” Lila asks with venom in her voice.

“Whatever and bffaskg stands for, best friend for a sort of kind of girl” Alex says with out thinking. I’m bored with this conversation. I put in my earphones and listen to “Nightcore Zombie.” I like weird song deal with it. The kids keep talking and auguring. But then I feel an aura on the other side of the tree, its strong but weird. It’s like he’s from a different world.

I look over from my tree branch. My tree branch can see from all sides of the tree and nobody can see this branch. I see a boy about 12 or 13 years old doing homework and talking to nothing. I scrunch my eyebrows together and try to get a better look. He’s wearing a plain dark blue shirt, and black jeans, with a tattoo running down his arm. The tattoo looks amazing. It’s in another language since I know every language but not this one.

It looks like a god blessing two animals with a human smiling. But it only is two lines crossing over another. Weird. I think I can be his friend, or at least get to know him. My feet grab a hold of my branch and I hang upside down. I’m right in front of his face. I accidentally scare him and he hits my head. Shit! I fall on the ground and land on my back. I change my mind, I’m kicking his ass.

“W-What the hell? Who the fuck are you?” the boy asks. Oh gold eyes huh. To bad his bangs are covering them. They look pretty cool. “Hey! Person! I asked you a question.” he yells. Oh, he asked me something. Oh fuck! How am I suppose to communicate with him? I hold up my finger and I point to my throat.

“Sore throat? Um, here.” he gives me his phone. ‘My name’s Ashling. I was up in the tree resting until I felt your aura. You have a power. You where talking to no one. So I thought we could be friends.’ I type to him and hand him the phone.

“Um ok? My name’s Hollow. Yes I have a power and I’m guessing you do to? So you do have a sore throat.” he says. I take the phone back. ‘No I don’t have a sore throat. I’m mute. Sorry for not telling you that. Yes I do have a power. So who where you talking to?’ I asks.

“Oh I’m sorry. Um I was talking to my animals. It’s a power where I can see imaginary animals who give me powers of the elements and help me in times of needs.” he answers. I nod. ‘That’s a cool power. But I don’t think you should tell a stranger all that information.’ I tell him

“Oh, but your not a stranger. You’re my friends.” he exclaims. I can tell we’ll be good friends. We talked through the rest of lunch and gave me some of his, but I said no and we started auguring about it. But anyways we told all secrets and I showed him my secret branch. In all that time, I kept my worry back. Slender man “master” is going to whip me. Damn…

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