No One

Five kids have strange powers that they've never had. They become friends fast after one of them falls out a window. Ashling gets visions about Slender man. They need to be careful. They need to catch Slender man for killing there classmates. But will they save everyone? Will they die in the proses? What about there power's? Will they go out of control? And how about Slender man. Will he get what he wants?


3. Awkwardness and Dizziness

Chapter three

Everyone stays still to think about what I said. I smirk. I was always good at telling all kinds of stories. But this, was my best so far.

“Ashling?” Daren asks while staring at me.

“Hm. Is something wrong?” I question.

“I just want to know, what made you think of to tell this?” he answers. I freeze. Why did I make up this story? Wait. I didn’t make this up. I know about slender man, and I was writing a story, but I never wrote this one. It’s like, the words just came out.

Did someone use mind rewrite to alter my mind? What happened? “Ashling? Ashling? Ashling!”

“W-What? Am I dead?” I’m confusingly ask.

“Ha dead. No your not dead yet. You keep spacing out. Is your visions coming back or something?” Lila asks.

“Not recently. Just, thinking.” I say. I look around. Alex is gone. But Lila, Daren, Astrid, and Hollow are the only one’s in the room.

Hollow: Has brown hair that goes down his face where you can’t see his eyes because of his bangs. Has golden eyes. Is a geek. Power: See creatures that don’t exist, they help him with anything.

Astrid: Is very “innocent.” Has ocean blue hair and black eyes. Is in student council. Power: Nightmare. Kills with fear and everything evil she can create by looking people in the eyes.

“If your looking for Alex, she left.” Hollow says emotionless. He’s always cold. Bastard.

“So anyways, how is everybody?” Daren asks.

“Fine.” answers Hollow.

“Good.” mumbles Lila.

“I don’t care.” I answer.

“Awesome!” Astrid exclaims. Daren sweat drops.

It’s quiet for about two minutes, we all think it’s weird. I get up and open the window and sit on the window still. Hollow moves to Lila’s bed and starts to fall asleep. Lila goes to the kitchen to make something. Daren gets up off the floor and moves to the cushion chair by the desk. Astrid stays on the floor and drifts off into her own world.

I feel the cold dark nights chilly air flow through the room. Even when I’m wearing a black hoddie and pants, I’m kind of cold. Thump. Thump. Thump. I stay still. What was that? Whoosh. My eyes widen. Something moved by the trees. It looked so...graceful. I start to get dizzy. That’s never happened before. I only get visions, and they only drain my energy a little, and that doesn’t really affect me.

Hollow wakes up startled. He looks around frantically.

“What’s wrong Hollow?” Astrid asks concerned. She’s back from her own world. I don’t feel good. I feel like I’m falling. I can’t fight it. I’m about to pass out. The last thing I hear is my name being called by Daren, as I hit the earth.

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