No One

Five kids have strange powers that they've never had. They become friends fast after one of them falls out a window. Ashling gets visions about Slender man. They need to be careful. They need to catch Slender man for killing there classmates. But will they save everyone? Will they die in the proses? What about there power's? Will they go out of control? And how about Slender man. Will he get what he wants?


1. The story.

Disclaimer: This is my first story I share with public. Please be nice. Sorry if you don’t like it, If you don’t, well then don’t read. Anyways this is called No One and it’s about Slender man. My friends from school are in this and a shout out to Mack<3s1D for inspiring me! Peace!




Chapter one

It started a few years ago. A myth. A promise. Then nothing. He comes for you. And when you think he’s gone, he’s right there. Right in front of your face with his skinny body, and his clean business suit. Smiling his enormous, spidery smile, that’s suppose to be on his face. Taunting you. And when you look at his face. Your already dead. His empty face where is eyes should be, look right at you. And his four or five long straw like arms that can kill you in an instant. Are creasing your face. He tells you somehow, that your children are crying for you, but have no eyes. They beg for you to die. You didn’t save them. And when he pulls you close, you smell death and poison coming from his breath, but he has no mouth. It’s to much for you, all the pressure, and the hurt that your going to die. You pass out. But when you awake, you can’t see. You only hear a voice that chills you to the bone. It says, “Ssslender man…”

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