One Girl, One Dream, One Love

Just a normal girl living Melbourne, Australia.

Just thirteen and after coming back from school her mum decided to kick her out of the house.

She went to her bedroom to pack as she slowly took down all her One Direction. 

She sat on her bed realizing the damage her mum had done to them.

She had asked her half-sister for money so she could leave and  fly to London on the flight that was leaving soon.

When she had arrived in London  there were girls screaming everywhere.

She was clueless...

She then realised it was the worlds number 1 boy band. She was standing there gasping in amazement as a happy tear rolled down her cheek.They turned around as all their eyes met hers.

But happened next?

Did they go up to her?

Did they walk away?

Hi everyone I'm Mary Tran.


3. Welcome to London!

After 4 hours in the air , the plane had landed in London. I was ecstatic to come into a new place like London. I just couldn't be out of this airport to explore London on my own carefree.

As everyone was getting off the plane I reached up to the over hanging luggage area to get my back pack that I have bought with me on the plane. I soon got off the plane and straight away went to to my baggage claim to be my things I have sent here from Australia.

After baggage claim I went through border and customs and I got past them both. As I got out of the door of border and customs I heard screaming girls everywhere. What was happening? I was confused. Could it possibly be them? I can't be? What are they doing at the airport at this time? Did those retweets mean anything?

It then hit me , it was One Direction as a tear rolled down my cheek . Right in front of me right now was the worlds number one boy band. As I stared at them all f the boys turned and their gaze met mine. Another tear rolled down my cheek of the fact of how happy I was. They left the hoards of screaming girls and started to walk towards me. I panicked. I didn't know what to do. Before I could do anything Zayn, Louis and Harry took my bags and carried them to god knows where , whilst Niall and Liam drags me out of the airport with smirks on their faces. They told me to get into the car so I did what I was asked. After I got into the car Liam , Niall and the others came in after they had put all my bags and my luggages in the back. I was utterly confused of what was going to happen.

"Welcome to London!" they all chimed.

"Th-th-th-thank you" I said stuttering.

I was completely speecheless with the sight in front of me. One direction was right in front of me. I was in the same car as One direction.

"Wh-" I was about to say but was stopped by Niall.

"You are gonna stay with us!" Niall shouted cheerfully.

"SAY WHAT?!" I asked flabbergasted of what I have heard.

"You are gonna stay with us Mary!" he repeated.

"Don't you understand English?"Harry said sarcastically grinning his prize winning grin showing his sexy dimples.

"But I have to look for an apartment to buy so I can stay at!" 

They all started to burst into laughter.

"What's so funny? Asked with a confused look on my face.

"You are 13 Mary, you are not going to stay in an apartment all by yourself carefree!" Liam explained in his brotherly voice

"But still..." I replied.

"You are speechless aren't you Mary?" Niall laughed.

"Yeah I guess, but what about school? I promised my dad that I would go to school" 

"I will take care of all of that for you!" Zayn grinned holding up enrollment forms for the school I was going to attend for the rest of my teen life at.

"What if you guys are busy? Aren't you just going to leave me home alone?" I asked.

"Well you know what we are going to take you with us everywhere!" Louis screeched in a high pitched voice.

"What about when you are on tour Boobear? Now that you can't answer!" I said sticking a tongue out at Louis.

"You are coming with us!" Liam replied.

"What did you just call me?!" Louis turned and met my gaze and I gave a cheeky grin knowing something was going to happen. Before I knew Louis jumped on top of me and started tickling the shit out of me.





I tried to squeal and squirm out of his grip but he just got a hold of me again.


"Well thank you love"

"Oh for the love of God" I said slightly blushing at his words as he others in the car started to laugh.

I sat for a while before I drifted off to sleep. I tilted my head and leaned against the window until some took me out of my seat and held me in their arms. I decided to snuggle closer into his chest, the smell of his after shave made my sleep deeper as I breathed it in.

The car came to a stop, I fluttered my eyes with tuffs of curls in my face. I woke up to a sleeping Harry holding me in his arms protectively. I decided to watch him sleep for a while. The way he looks when he sleeps made me lick my lips slightly. I got a tuff of his hair and moved it out the way of his eyes he looked god damn sexy in his sleep. I soon got one of my fingers and ran it down his muscular cheek bones that were showing. I was enjoying the moment when I was interrupted by his deep Cheshire voice.

"Were you watching me sleep?" he asked still with his eyes closed, smiling his prize winning smile showing his dimples. I got my hand and poked his dimple as he smiled once again showing his pearly white teeth.

"I guess..." I replied slightly blushing.

"Well I'm going to get off now" 

"Stay with me" he pleaded as he pulled me back to him and held me tightly in his arms.

"But Harry the others are already inside" I murmmered into his chest.

"And please explain why we are so close because it's my first day here..."

"Oh sorry about that" Harry said slightly blushing a light shade of red.

"It's ok!" I told him smiling.

"We should get inside now!"

"I'm just going to get my back pack and my suitcase from the back"

"I'll help you with your suitcase" he volunteered.

"Thank you Harry!" I said smiling gratefully.

"No problem" he replied smiling again whilst flicking his curls to the side.


"Thanks! It's one of my favourite colours" I replied.

After getting my things Harry and I walked up to the gates leading to a Villa. I gasped at my sight. My eyes were wide open looking . I looked back at Harry to see him smiling widely , I took hold of his hand and dragged him up the path way that lead to the door. I rang the door bell knowing one of the boys would open it but Harry decided to spoil the fun by sing the house keys to open it. He smirked at me as I walked not the house dropping my bag with m laptop in it hard on their tiled floor. Instead of picking it back up I to look for the boys leaving Harry to pick it up for me.

I finally found the boys, they were in the lounge room watching a movie. When I realised they were watching 'Paranomal Activity 3' I screamed and ran out of the room bumping into Harry as I ran away. I hugged him tightly so he could stay with me and so he couldn't leave me. He hugged me back tightly also.

"Don't take me back in there please!" I begged him.

"What's wrong love?" he asked sounding confused.

As one of the scary sound effects from the movie went off I screamed. I hugged Harry tighter shaking continuously. Harry realised I wasn't a fan of scary movies so he told the boys to turn it off. The boys did as they were told.

"Where am I staying tonight?" I asked the boys, looking up at Harry still shaking and hugging him tightly.

"Let's all take her!" Niall chimed in excitement.

"Sure why not!" Harry replied looking Down at me.

I Immediately let go of him since it felt a bit awkward. They all walked me up the stairs and then stopped in front of a set of double doors. As Liam opened up the doors I looked at everyone and ran inside my new room for the rest of my life. My room was pink and had everything I ever wanted. Everything I had bought from Australia was unpacked and orgainised in its places. All my books were put on my new pink bookshelf. All I had to do know was put up One Direction posters even though I am going to see them everyday.

"Thank you so much guys for unpacking my things!" I said gratefully.
"You have so many toys and you are like 13!" Zayn Complained

"I can't believe you have 'Kevin The Pigeon" and "Gerard The Swedish Goose" Louis cheerfully said

"Tomlinson I have a lot of things related to One Direction" I answered

"Like those 10 folders of One Direction posters?" Niall asked

" Yup Niall. Can I have a tour of my room please!!?" I asked 

"Sure!" They all said with huge smiles on their faces.

As they were about to start their tour something on my bed caught my eye. I screamed so loud that it filled the house. They all had smiles on their faces.

"OH MY GOD!" I exaggerated.


"OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST" I screamed as I shed a tear.

After fan girdling over their new album we started the tour I was flabbergasted about my room, there was an ensuite bathroom, there was a wardrobe that felt like a shop, there was a huge balcony covered in grass , there also was a nice study area where everything was pink even my pens. My room also had its own 60 inch flat screen 3D TV with an XBOX 360 connected to it and it had a fridge full of food.

"That's all of your room!" Liam said happily

"Thank you so much guys! For everything!" I said thankfully

"It's nothing!" they all said smiling gleefully.

"Since it's only 2 o'clock in the afternoon lets go eat Nando's my favourite I'm shouting" I suggested

"NANDO'S" Niall repeated.

"Just let me was up first and then we can go okay?" I asked

"I just feel yuck for not having a shower for 27 hours!"

"Sure thing" the chimed.

"Take your time no need to rush" Liam added

"JUST HURRY I'M HUNGRY!" Niall complained

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