One Girl, One Dream, One Love

Just a normal girl living Melbourne, Australia.

Just thirteen and after coming back from school her mum decided to kick her out of the house.

She went to her bedroom to pack as she slowly took down all her One Direction. 

She sat on her bed realizing the damage her mum had done to them.

She had asked her half-sister for money so she could leave and  fly to London on the flight that was leaving soon.

When she had arrived in London  there were girls screaming everywhere.

She was clueless...

She then realised it was the worlds number 1 boy band. She was standing there gasping in amazement as a happy tear rolled down her cheek.They turned around as all their eyes met hers.

But happened next?

Did they go up to her?

Did they walk away?

Hi everyone I'm Mary Tran.


10. Lay Your Hands Off Her!


Harry's POV


Last night had gone by too quickly and it's already morning. I woke up with a cold spot next to me, Mary had probably gone to wash up and get ready for school. I got out of bed and walked into her ensuite bathroom. She was standing there washing up, she was wearing a white cropped blouse with red shorts, and her hair was in a bun that was topped off with a Union Jack hair bow. She wore navy blue converses and had a white Adidas bag by her feet. Damn this girl can dress. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, resting my chin on her shoulder as she finished washing up.


"Good morning beautiful." I said as I gave her a peck on the cheek.


"Good morning babe" she said kissing me back.


"You look hot” I complimented.


"You don't look so bad yourself, as sexy as always." She said winking.


"I'm gonna miss you today."  I said frowning.


"Me too. We won't be able to snuggle after school babe, sorry" she said looking apologetically.


"Why's that?" I said jutting out my bottom lip.


"I have to work on my assignment for school with Josh. Sorry babe" she said smiling sympathetically.


"Oh I see. It's ok sweetheart" I said smiling.


"You should go get ready so we could go have breakfast and take me to school afterwards" She smiled going into her room


I started to wash up when I realized that this isn't my bathroom. I turned around to go out when Mary stopped me in my tracks. She was standing there holding my things out to me and smiling at me widely. I took them out of her hands and she turned around and walked away.


"Thanks babe!" I said smiling as I slapped her ass.


"Excuse me Mr. Styles what was that for?!" She said as she turned with a raised eyebrow.


"What? Can't I do that?" I said winking at her, making her flush red.


"No!" She said sarcastically making me chuckle slightly.


"I love you sweetheart!" I said kissing her cheek.


"I love you too Styles" she said winking at me.


I went back into the bathroom and started to wash up. Mary was still in her room packing her things for school. She's cute when she runs around the room looking for things. I finished washing up and started to do my hair. I heard some chuckle behind me. It was Mary she was leaning on the door frame to the bathroom.


"What are you laughing at?" I asked raising an eyebrow as I still did my hair.


"I like the way you do your hair" she said winking.


"What about it?" I asked.


"It sexy and simple" she said blowing a kiss.


"Well Miss you are sexy and simple yourself" I said winking as I walked up to her and held her in my arms. She started to flush red.

Mary and I pulled away and I went to get changed. Mary had walked downstairs and I had walked into my room. I missed my room. It was just like Mary's but a darker kind of pink it didn't look like pink it looked red really. I had a huge collection of the things the fans had given me. I still had something Mary had given me at a concert in Australia. I slept with it every day. She had gotten everyone in the band one. It was one those giant toys and pillow pet things, a bit childish but it was okay. She had gotten me cats, my favorite animal it was such a turn on. I walked into my closet and picked out something to wear that was comfortable and something that looked appropriate.  Finally picked out a white V-neck and a pair of grey sweatpants, I topped it off with a burgundy beanie which seemed like Mary has the same one. I went out of my room and headed downstairs towards door and chucked on a pair of my white converses.


I walked into the kitchen where everyone was sitting and talking. I saw Liam whisper into Mary's ear and she gasped. She got out of her chair and ran up stairs. Liam started to laugh, until I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He cleared his throat and looked away.


"Spit it Payne!" I said with a raised eyebrow.


"What do you want me to say?" He asked as if he didn't know anything.


"What did you tell her?!" I said frowning at him.


"She's got a hickey"he said as quietly as he could.


"SHIT!" I gasped.


"Say what?!" The others except Liam screeched.


"You guys had a make out session!?" Louis screeched.


"Yeah... But no time to talk I'm gonna go check on her!" I said running out of the kitchen.


"Hurry we're leaving in 5! Liam shouted.


"Ok!" I said running upstairs into Mary's room.


I ran into Mary's room and saw her in the bathroom. She had little bottle in her hand which I assume was foundation. She took a little and applied it to the hickey. I went into the bathroom and wrapped my arm around her waist, resting my chin on her shoulder. She started to giggle which made me kinda worried. I put my hand on her forehead to see if she had a temperature and she slapped it away playfully.

"What are you doing?" She giggled.


"I'm checking if you are ok." I said kissing her cheek.


"We'll I'm fine thank you!" She giggled.


"Then why ar you giggling? It's worrying me!" I said concerned.


"Your hands are touching my stomach and your hands are rough" she giggled


"You do have a nice smooth stomach, don't let anyone touch it only me ok?" I said kissing her cheek once again.


"Ok babe!" She said kissing me back.


"Let's go now the others are waiting downstairs."  I hurried.


"Ok" she said closing the foundation bottle.


Mary and I exited her room and headed down stairs into the kitchen. The boys looked up at us and gave us thumbs up. Both Mary and I cocked an eyebrow which they seemed was funny. The boys all got up and headed towards door follows by Mary and I. We started to head toward the front gate to where the car was parked. Everyone started to enter the car followed by Mary and I. We all settled into the car and Louis drove off.


"Let's go Starbucks!" Mary screamed.


"Why?"  We all asked her.


"I want coffee." She said smiling.


"We'll in that case... Off to Starbucks we go!" Louis shrieked.


"Oh Louis, so mature for a 21 year old!" Mary sighed.


Louis drove us to Starbucks and we arrived not so long after. Mary didn't start school in until 9 o'clock, it was only 8:15 there was another 45 minutes to kill by then. Louis pulled over into the car park and we all exited the car. We all headed towards entrance to Starbucks and went inside. Mary and I entwined our fingers so we wouldn't lose each other if we were mobbed by hoards of screaming fans. We went to order our drinks.


"How may I help you ?" The girl asked.


"Can I please have a grande Caramel Mocha" Mary asked politely.


"Sure! Please write your name down on this piece of paper and when it's called out you can come and claim your order" the girl said sliding her a piece of paper.


"Really Mary Really? Dorothy Turtle? You really are cute!" I laughed.


"Yeah really!" She laughed.


"How may I help you sir?" The girl asked smiling brightly.


"Can I have a White Chocolate Mocha please." I said smiling.


"Sure! Please write your name down on this piece of paper and when it's called out you can come and claim your order" the girl said sliding me a piece of paper.


I wrote my name down on a piece of paper and stopped when I heard someone giggle behind me, it was Mary. She was soon going into hysterics.


"Really Harry really? Dave?! You really are funny!" She laughed.


"Yes really!" I laughed as I gave the paper back to the girl.


The other boys went and ordered their drinks. They all wrote the most ridiculous names making all of us crack up. After we finished taking our orders we sat at a table and waited for our names to be called. This really was going to take forever until the girl called out our names so we could claim our drinks. One by one we all went up to get our drinks, laughing at our names. At last we could leave before fan girls could come. We all got our drinks and left Starbucks. As we left Starbucks a girl about Mary's age came up to us and nudged Mary on a shoulder purposely making her stumble a little.


"What is this little bitch doing with world’s number one boy band?" She said looking at her nails.


"Up yourself much you slut!" Mary aggressively murmured whilst greasing at her.


"I have a name you know you ugly whorebag." The girl said.


"It would be great if you introduced yourself Barbie." Mary smiled sarcastically.


"I'm Bianca and if you don't mind stay away from the boys at school!" Bianca shot at Mary.


"I'm sorry they don't want to hang around burning plastic."Mary smirked.


"You bi-" Bianca was about to shout but Mary a placed her finger on Bianca's lips. She slapped it away.


"Let's go boys I'm gonna be late for school and I really don't want to be around burning plastic it irritates my nose and hurts my eyes." She smirked as we walked away.


The boys and I started to crack up laughing. Where the fuck would she learn all those comebacks? Like seriously she owned that Bianca girl!


"Mary how do you know her?" I laughed.


"She's that girl I told you about!" She said.


"Oh I see!" I laughed.


We all got into the car and Louis pulled out of Starbucks car park. It's 8:30 now and it doesn't take long to get to school, it was only about a 5 minute drive from Starbucks. Oh no it's gonna be a short ride.


*5 minutes later*


5 minutes later we arrived at school, we parked the car near the gates. Louis stopped the engine and we all got out of the car. We all decided that they would walk her to the school gates so we we're like her body guards. We reached he school gates and Mary gave everyone a peck on the cheek. I hugged her ever so tightly knowing there would be snuggling after school with her tonight.


"Bye babe" I said as I pecked her on the lips.


"Bye baby! I'll miss you." She said as she kissed me back.


"I'll miss you too." I said pulling away.


"Mary!" A boy who I assumed was josh called from inside the school grounds.


"Josh I'll be right there!" She replied.


"Well I'll be going now boys! See you after school!" She said giving us one last hug. She ran off to josh and waved us good bye.


I watched her go up to Josh as I stood at the school gates watching her go off. They started walking together and started to talk and laugh about god knows what. Mary had gone inside s me and the boys went back to the car and started to head home. Today is going to be a long day without Mary, I'm gonna miss her like crazy. Great 7 hours to kill without Mary. I would go back to school if I could. We finally got home and I went into the lounge room, the boys cam in moments later. Their really wasn't much to do here, I wish we had like a pet or something so we could play with. I turned on the Xbox and put COD MW3 in and started to play. It got boring after playing it for 30 minutes.


"Can we get a pet?!" I yelled.


"Why do we need a pet?!" Liam asked.


"Because its boring at home there's always nothing to do!" I whined.


"You know why we don't have a pet? It's because it would be neglected if we left it whilst we're tour Harry!" Liam said sounding all smart.


"I see." I frowned.


After the conversation with Liam I went up stairs into my room and lied down in my bed. I snuggled into my sheets hugging my toy cat I had named Molly. I soon fell asleep knowing that Mary still doesn't finish school for another 6 hours.  Just as I fell asleep my phone started to go off on my bed startling me in bed. It was Paul, so I picked up the phone and answered in a groggy voice.


"Hey Paul what's up?" I answered groggily.


"I'm just wondering if I could meet this girl. I heard she was living with you guys." Paul said.


"Ummm... About that she's at school at the moment." I said sounding worried.


"I see but who is she anyways? What's her name? Where is she from? How did you meet her? And why is she and Liam trending on Twitter?" He asked bombarding me with questions.


"Well she was like a fan from Australia and she got kicked out of the house. Her name is Mary and she's only 13 Paul. She moved to London after getting kicked out by her mum. She posted ths tweet on Twitter and we decided to kind of adopt her kinda sorta. So we went to the airport to like pick her up I guess. Liam and Mary went to the supermarket on Sunday to get food because we were out of food." I explained in detail to Paul.


"Is that so? Well will I be able to meet her soon?" He asked eagerly.


"You want to meet her tomorrow night at our place? She's very good at cooking!" I asked.


"We'll I guess so! We'll talk more tomorrow night Harry!" Paul said. I guess he was that curious.


"Ok Paul bye!" I said as I hung up the phone.


I was about to go back to sleep but I wanted to text Mary. So I got my phone and started to text her.


Me: Hey sweetheart! xx


Mary: Hey babe! xx


Me: How's class?  xx


Mary: It's boring. I hate english! Arghhhhh!! *torture*toture :$


Me: Hahaha you seem like you're enjoying yourself!! ;D xxxxx


Mary: STFU LAWL! Love you xxxxxxxxxxxx


Me: That's not how you talk to your husband ;)




Me: No! :D xx


Mary: Way to keep my hopes up to marrying the guy I've always wanted to :'(  I see how it is :'( a way to break my heart. I will just have to marry Zayn then! It's over Harry <\3 :D I will just text Zayn now and tell him :) Soon I'm gonna become Mary Malik! Bye! :P


Me: Baby wait! No you can't marry him! But Mary I still love you! You mean the world to me! But I was joking really!Mary please forgive me! I promise I won't do it again. You have to become Mary Styles so we can be a happy family. Please don't marry him! If you do I will be torn and heart broke and forever alone! I won't live any other girl the way that I loved you! You are my life and I will never hurt you! Please forgive! I love a million times. I will do everything for you! I love you please forgive me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mary: Sorry too late Zayn and I are official now! I'm sorry that you hurt my feelings. Good luck finding someone better than me :D


After reading that text Zayn ran into my room. He was smiling ever so widely. He took out his phone and shoved it in my face, showing me his conversation with Mary. I snatched his phone put of his hand and started to read his conversation.


Mary: Hey Zayny Babe! ;)


Zayn: Hey Mezza Babe! ;) xx


Mary: You wanna snuggle tonight? xx


Zayn: Yeah sure babe! xx


Mary: We're getting


Zayn: What happened to Harry?


Mary: Harry hurt my feelings :'(


Mary: I really loved him until he said that we weren't going to get married. It's over between us.


Zayn: Baby girl he is a douchebag sometimes! Don't worry babe I will treat you better than him! xx ;)


Mary: I know you will xx ;)


Zayn: Stay with me tonight yeah ;) xxx


Mary: K babe xx


Mary: Babe I gotta go :) xx


Zayn: Bye babe :)


Mary: Bye :)


After reading their conversation I turned and faced Zayn frowning. I gave him back his phone and lied back down. Zayn sat on my bed beside me. I pulled out my phone and started to text Mary a whole bunch of messages. She didn't reply until I said something that she found touching I guess.


Me: Mary please forgive! Please do forgive I know I did wrong but please forgive me!  I will make it up to you! Pleasee!


Me: Baby please don't be like this towards me! I read the conversation between you and Zayn it nearly made my eyes full with tears. I'm not lying, I'm serious. Please don't be like this I seriously love you more than anything in the world. If I was rich enough I would buy yo the world. Even if I find another girl she wouldn't be as beautiful and as lovable as you. I wouldn't even love her as much as I love you. If I lose you I wil always try to find you again. You're my one in a million! For once in my life I have never regretted loving someone. So please forgive me. I love you more than anything. You're my infinity and beyond. I love you Mary. xxxxx ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Mary: Harry... I really don't  know what to say. It's like the sweetest and touching a guy has said to me. I feel speechless. Like seriously I'm actually surprised. Well I will forgive you if you put it that way. I'm sorry Harry I really did go too far even though I was joking. I love you Harry. Please do forgive me. Zayn was in this whole joke too so you can hurt him if you want not me please. Sorry babe. I love you daddy Styles! You're my infinity and beyond babe! xxxxxx ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Me: You were joking this whole time?! Why would you do that? It's not even funny anymore! >:| Well I guess I should forgive since you have admitted your crime. ;) seriously you asked Zayn to snuggle tonight really were you for real?!  I was actually really hurt. Well you you should get back to class babe. I love you too mummy Styles! You're my one love , my infinity and beyond! xxxxxxxx


Mary: Ok babe! I'm sorry babe I really didn't want to but you made me have to do it. I love you daddy Styles! xxxxxxxx Bianca found the hickey you gave me... But I told her it was a contagious rash. Don't worry it isn't a contagious rash! xxxxx love you daddy Styles!


Me: Bye babe! LOL! xxxxxx love you too mummy Styles!


After texting Mary I put my phone on my bedside table and sat up. I turned and faced Zayn staring at him in a scary manner. He looked at me frightened of what I might do to him. Instead of hurting him like I always do I let a big sigh and slapped his back making him flinch a little. Zayn looked up at with his 'What the hell?!" Face but I just smiled at him, he smiled back. I got out of bed and looked at the clock, ARGHHHH it's only 11 o'clock  another 5 hours until I see Mary. 5 hours to kill, exactly what am I going to do in 5 hours. What I can do in 5 hours is maybe watch 3 Disney. Instead I'm going to go out with Zayn.


"Hey Zayn!" I said looking a him.


"Yeah?" He said looking at his hands.


"Let's go get something special for Mary." I said as he looked up at me.


"What do you want to get her though?" He asked.


"I was thinking maybe 100 hundred red roses and 100 bears. After all she does like toys and roses." I said.


"Really? You really want to do that? Isn't that too much?" He asked me with a raised eyebrow.


"Nothing's too much for the one I love Zayn." I said smiling.


"Oh my when did you turn so cheesy! Alright then lets go!" He as we both got out of bed.


"I am not cheesy!" I said as I playfully slapped his shoulder.


Zayn and I both walked out of my room and started to head down stairs. We both headed into the lounge where all the boys were watching a movie. Zayn went off into the kitchen and got the car keys whilst I told the boys we were going out for a while. The boys agreed but was confused. So I told them to go back to watch their movie. Zayn called me from the kitchen and said that we are leaving now. So I headed to the front door to where he was waiting and we left the house.


"Where are we heading?" I asked him.


"We're going to the florist." Zayn said smiling"


"For the roses and the bears?"I asked.


"Yeah unless you want to get the bears somewhere else?" He said.


"Nah it's ok we just need to make sure that one florist place have enough roses and bears." I confirmed


"Oh Harry this place is huge you can get 1000 roses if you want!" Zayn exaggerated.


"Well if it's that big maybe I should get 1000 roses!" I said sarcastically.


"We'll see about that Styles!" Zayn laughed.


We had arrived at the florist and oh wow Zayn wasn't joking when he said it was huge. What the shits man this place had everything! I ran up to Zayn and grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. As we entered the stor the scent of flowers filled the air. A nice assistant girl walked up to us and asked if we needed help. We really didn't need help but, we just told her to get us 100 roses and 100 bears so we can take home straight away. The girl had agreed and went to work straight away gathering another two staff members to help her. Zayn and I stood outside, waiting patiently for them to do their work.


*15 minutes later*


After a long 15 minutes of waiting the girl had come out with the other two assistants with bags of bears and a bouquet of roses. I helped the girls carry them to the car and then paid them. The girls thanked us and went back into the store waving me and Zayn good bye.  Zayn and I left the florist and started heading home. Silent trip. Until Zayn finally spoke up.


"So Harry man, what are you going to do with those roses and bears?" He asked, sounding curios.


"I'm not really sure though... Would you mind helping me?" I asked him as he beamed a smile.


"I was waiting for that. Well ok then!" He exclaimed as he turned the car around.


"Where are we going?" I asked him confused.


"We are going to get some candles." He grinned.


"Ok then. Is that all we need?" I asked.


"I guess so unless you want to add any other stuff." He confirmed.


"Nah!" I said.


 We got back to the florist and Zayn ran inside to get candles. He returned had gotten about 2 boxes of rose scented candles. I didn't even know they existed. They did smell nice though. We again left the florist and started to head home. By the time we got home it was about quarter past one. Say what?! How can 2 hours and 15 minutes past so quickly? The shits!? Zayn and I both started to help each other bring the things inside after he had parked the car near the front door of the house. As we bought the things into the house the boys looked at us with odd looks but we just smiled back.


"Well that's the last of it!" Zayn said smiling as he placed the last bag of bears on the floor of Mary's room.


"Yeah ok. So what are we going to do now?" I asked nim as I slumped down on the bed.


"Well with the candles put them on each step of the stairs and with the bears I'm gonna place them around and on her bed if that makes sense." He said.


"Yea it makes sense, but what do we do with the roses?" I asked.


"You are going to give them to her." He said.


"Ok then." I said as I took the boxes of candles and headed outside of the room where all the boys were standing.


"What are you guys doing?" They all asked me.


"Were you guys eavesdropping?" I asked them.


"No we're just really curious!" They said.


"I'm doing something for Mary and Zayn's helping.


"Can we help?" They all asked.


"All you an help with is to keep quiet about it around Mary."  I said staring at them.


"Well ok then." They agreed.


After talking with the boys I started to place two candles on both sides of each step of  our staircase. The boys all sat at the top of the stairs staring as I went down the stairs. When I finished I walked back up the stairs, over the boys because they were now laying down and back into Mary's room. I gasped in surprise of all the great work Zayn had done. Wow he really is artistic I guess. Zayn had placed teddy bears all over Mary's bed and room. I went over to Zayn and gave him the third box of unused candles. He took them out of my hand and opened the box. I stood there waiting for what he was going to do next. I was about to ask him something when he took out the candles and put them around Mary's room. Well, ok then that was smart I thought to myself.


"All done!" Zayn said beaming wildly of his work.


At this instance I was wondering who was Mary's boyfriend. Was it Zayn or me?


"Thanks a lot for helping Zayn!" I praised as I was patting his back.


"It's all good Hazza!" He smiled.


"It's 2 o'clock now! What should we do to kill the next hour and a half?" He asked as we both exited Mary's bedroom.


"Let's pick Mary up early from school and we can go eat out!" I said as we entered he hallway.


"Yes we can go eat nando's!" Niall said as he jumped up from his spot excitedly.


"No Niall, we always go nando's for your sake!" Liam said frowning at Niall.


"Instead of eating out we should take her shopping I guess." I said shrugging my shoulders.


"Shopping it is!" Louis said as the boys sat up from their lying down position.


"But I'm hungry!" Niall whined as be rubbed his stomach.


"For your sake Niall we will grab something to eat on the way to school." Liam said sarcastically.


"Yayyyy! So we are eating Nando’s!" He cheered not realizing that Liam was being sarcastic.


"Let's get going then." I said as I walked down the stairs followed by the boys.


The boys and I headed downstairs towards the front door and Louis went to get the car keys that Zayn had left on the kitchen bench. The boys and I went out to the car first while waiting for Louis. Louis came out not so long after and we left the house. Louis had pulled into Nando’s for Niall because he was whining during the whole trip. Niall ran inside and bought his food whilst the boys and I waited in the car for him. Niall returned 15 minutes later with his food and got into the car. We pulled out of the car park and made our way to school. The traffic was low so we had gotten to school quite quickly. Louis parked the car and we all got out. We all walked to the reception and asked for a pass for Mary. The receptionist gave us Mary's pass and directed us to Mary's classroom. The boys and I thanked the receptionist, and went off to find Mary's class. She had sport this period which I suppose was her favorite subject, but what isn't better than spending time with the world’s number one band. We all arrived at a very large soccer ground where Mary and her class were playing a game of soccer.  I saw that Bianca girl again, she was so up herself. She was just standing there staring at her finger nails. My gaze moved away from Bianca and went onto Mary. Oh my god I really couldn't believe my eyes, was that Mary or was it the female version of Lionel Messi. She was actually really good at soccer, better than the people I know that play soccer. The boys and I walked down to the sports teacher and greeted her with a smile.


"Ummm excuse me Miss teacher." I said smiling as she turned around.


"Good afternoon!" She said cheerfully.


"Good afternoon! We're here to pick up Mary." I said smiling.


"Oh yes! What's the reason?" She asked sounding concerned.


"We have an appointment." I said.


"Ok then. You know she is a gun at soccer! She is better than all the boys in her class!" She complimented.


"Yeah we know! She's from Australia. We've also been watching her play for a while!" The boys and I all said.


"Really? I didn't know she was from Australia! It explains while she's sounds so different!" She laughed.


"Yeah. I think we should get going. Can we take her now?" I said smiling.


"Sure! MARY! SOMEONE IS HERE TO PICK YOU UP!" The teacher called from the side of the ground.


"Ye-" she was about to say until she saw us.


"Hey babe!" I said waving at her.


"HARRRYYY!!" She screamed running up to me. She jumped on me wrapping her arms and legs around me.


"Hi babe! I missed you!" I said as I pecked her on the lips.


"Me too!" She said kissing me back.


"We're going home now!" I said  as she detached her arms and legs that were wrapped around me.


"Well ok then!" She said smiling.


"Good bye miss!" Mary, they boys and I all said.


"Good bye!" She said smiling.


"Bye Josh! Come over at 5 yeah?!" Mary yelled from across the oval.


"Yeah! Bye Mary!" He waved back.


"You know the way yeah?!" She asked.


"Yeah I do!" He replied.


"Ok good! Bye then!" She waved.


"Bye!" He waved back.


We all waved everyone good bye and left the school grounds. Everyone was chatting happily to eachother as we walked to the car. There was like an awkward atmosphere between me and Mary as we walked hand in hand swinging them back and forth. I was about to say something but Mary had beaten me to it.


"So where are we going now?" She asked quietly looking down at her feet avoiding eye contact with me.


"We are going to Westfield, and why aren't you looking at me?"  I asked her trying to see her face.


"Ummm... Sorry, something hap... Don't worry!" She said as she looked up at me.


"Mary what happened? Why is your ch-?" I asked her worriedly.


"Nothing Harry! I'm fine!" She smiled as she cut me off.


"You are not fine. You never act like this." I said as I stopped and made her face me.


"I got slapped Harry! I got slapped!" She said sounding quite sad.


"By who?" I gasped as I touched her pinkish red cheek softly making her twitch a bit.


"By Bianca and 5 other girls." She said as she covered her cheek with her hand.


"Are you ok babe?" I asked pulling her into a hug.


"Yes I'm fine Harry. You're treating me like a baby now!" She said pouting.


"You are a baby! You're my baby! My baby girl." I winked at her as she blushed furiously.


"You really are cheesy!" She said as I blushed.


"I'm not cheesy!" I said picking her up and chucking her on my back.


"Are too! Harry put me down! I'm gonna fall and die!" She screamed hitting my back.


"Babe I won't ever let you die." I said laughing.


"I was being sarcastic Harry!" She squirmed trying to ge out of my grip.


"I will put you down when we are in the car! Just a few more steps love!" I laughed, Mary had given up and her hands were now let loosed down my backside.


"Fine! Can we go home? I don't feel like Westfield today, I would rather stay home and cuddle with you with you eating Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!" She said as we all got into the car.


"Well we'll go home and do that then!" I smiled as she sat down on my lap.


Louis started to drive.


"Louis let's go home. Little Mezza here doesn't feel like shopping." I said.


"Well we will go home then!" Louis chirped.


"Thanks Louis!" Mary and I both said at the same time.


Louis started driving home. The streets were not as busy as usual so we got home quicker. Before I knew it Mary had fallen asleep on my shoulder with her arms around my neck. She looked really peaceful in her sleep. We finally reached the house and the car stopped. Mary woke up and stretched while yawning loudly. I started to laugh at her.


"You stretch and yawn like a cat love!" I laughed.


"We'll isn't that good? You like cats don't you?" She said as we both got out of the car with the others.


" Yeah! Hey stay here and talk to the boys! I'm busting to go pee!" I said as I winked at Zayn.


"Ok." She smiled as I ran away into the house.


I ran inside the house and upstairs into Mary's room. Grabbing the box of mathes and the bouquet of roses I ran out of her room. I started to light the candles one by one. Just in time I finished before Mary and the boys came in. I chucked the matches somewhere an ran to the front door holding the bouquet of roses behind my back. Hey all walked in later talking about do knows what. Mary saw me and stopped. She tried to look around me to see what I was hiding but she gave up and was about to walk away when I grabbed her hand. She stopped and turned around to face me. I took the roses from behind my back and gave it to her. The look on her face made me smil, her eyes were wide and she was smiling brightly.


"For  you Babe." I said kissing her cheek.


"What for?" She asked smelling the roses.


"For being a great girlfriend even though we aren't official! But still!" I said taking hold of her hand.


"Naawwws thanks babe! She laughed as I started to walk her towards the stairs. When we reached the stairs, she stared at it in awe.


“ What do you think?" I asked her as we both started walking up the stairs together slowly.


"Why are you doing all this Harry?! I'm already falling for you too much! Now more?!" She asked in a happy voice.


"Well I always have to make you fall for me more! What happens if you dump me for pretty boy?" I laughed.


"We'll I seem to understand now! Is that all you've done!" She asked me eyebrow raised.


"Yes it is!" I said as we were about to open the door to Mary's room.


"It be-" she was about to say as she opened the door to her room gasping at the sight in front of her.


"Gotcha!" I said as I picked her up and jumped on bed with her.


"You are such a liar!" She whispered as the distance from our faces got closer.


"That's what makes me Harry Styles babe!" I whispered as I kissed her passionately on the lips.


"I take that back!" She said through our kiss, her lips now moving in sync with mine.


"I see" I managed out. My hand now moving up her smooth stomach towards her bra.


We both broke apart our kiss when we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. It was Liam, he looked at us with a cocked eyebrow and arms crossed.


"What happened to Ben & Jerry's and cuddling after school?" He said grinning.


"We forgot about that! We were just in the mood for making out!" Mary laughed as she hopped off the bed.


"What she said!"  I told him.


"Ok well was long as your being safe!" He winked.


"What the shits Liam!? Like really?" Mary said from inside her wardrobe.


"I'm just saying!" He said as he walked out of the room.


"Liam such a kidder!" I laughed.


"Is he gone?" She asked.


"Yeah he is!" I replied.


"Okay!" She said.


"What are you doing in there?" I asked.


"I'm getting changed!" She said.


"Okay! I'm coming in!"I yelled as I jumped off the bed and started walking towards the door.


"Ok! Just to warn you I have no shirt on!"she said as I entered her wardrobe.


"It's all good I'm use to shirtless girls" I said as I entered the wardrobe to a shirtless girl in front of me.


"I know you are Harry! You want to continue?" She whispered as she came up to me and wrapped her arm around my neck.


"Why not?" I whispered back wrapping my arms on her waist.


Our lips met once again and started to move in sync with each others. Standing up wasn't that much fun so we fell on to the floor continuing what we had started before. My hand once again traveled up her stomach towards her bra. Mary hand trailed up my back, she took hold of it and pulled it up and over my head. I was now shirtless after Mary had stripped the top part of me first. It was now her turn.


"Take it off!" I managed out of our intense making out session.


"Take what off?" She managed out.


"Your bra love!" I mumbled.


 "Take off for me!" She mumbled as she arched her back giving me access to the back her bra.


"Ok love" I whispere as I reach to the back of her bra and detaching it.


I pulled the bra off of her looking a the sight below me. Oh wow it was like London at night but 1000 times better. I was on all fours scattered around her half naked body, looking down at her with her arms still around my neck. I got her legs and wrapped them around stomach. I sat up leaning against the wall. I pulled Mary in and crashed my lips to hers again making every moment count. Her breast pressed up against my bare chest. My lips left hers and started to trail down her jawline and then down her neck.  I trailed back up her neck and up her jawline and back to her lips again. My hand started trailing up her stomach towards her breast. I got her nipple and pinched it making her flinch. I got my hand and gently squeezed her breasts a few time making her give a quiet moan. I kissed her one last time when I trailed down to her breast and bit her nipple a couple of times making her flinch. We both pulled away exhausted. Some intense make out session. Well maybe not a makeout session but half naked sex I guess!


"That was fun!" We both said breathless.


"It was!"she whispered.


"Yeah we should do it everyday!" I exaggerated.


"Yeah keep dreaming babe." She laughed.


"I'm not dreaming I was living it!" I smirked.


"What time is it?" She asked.


"4:30!" I said pulling out my phone to look.


"Ok! Where did you chuck my bra?" She asked looking around.


"At the wall!" I laughed.


"I see!" She said getting up to retrieve her bra from the floor near wall.


"You have a nice body!" I winked making her blush.


"Thanks I guess!" She smiled.


"It's all good!" I said.


"I'm going to your room Harry!" She said walking out of her wardrobe with only a bra and a pair of shorts on.


"What are you going to do?" I asked her.


"I'm stealing your Jack Wills hoodie!" She said sticking he tongue out.


"Why mine?" I asked sarcastically.


"Because it smells like you." She smiled.


"Oh I see how it is." I laughed.


Mary had gone leaving me in her room alone. I got my shirt and put it back on.  Went to her mini fridge and pulled out a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Mary returned moments later with my hoodie on. It went past her shorts making it look like she had no pants on. She went into her wardrobe and returned with a pair of her Rayban prescription glasses and a burgundy beanie. She wore her navy toms and had a grey infinity scarf on.




Mary and I headed down stairs into the lounge room with our tub of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.  I went into the kitchen to get spoons for us to eat the ice cream with. I walked  into the lounge room where Mary was pissing herself laughing. The boys and I were watching her laugh but clearly confused. She had her phone in her hand and she was on facebook.   I went up to her and took the phone out of her hand. I read the conversation she had with her friend that read Francesca.


Francesca: Heyy babe!


Mary: Heyy!


Francesca: I'm missing you a lot babe. xx


Mary: Me too Cesca! xx


Francesca: How are you doing in London alone?


Mary: I'm not alone. I'm living with some people. ;)


Francesca: Wait how do you know people in London? :o


Mary: I just do. But you might know them. :)


Francesca: Stop being silly! How am I suppose to know them?!


Mary: You will when I Skype with you tomorrow!






Francesca: CARRROTSSS!


Mary: KEVINNN!!!


Francesca: HE'S MINE!!!




Francesca: You wish babe! xx


Mary: I'm not wishing I'm living it! ;)


Francesca: What do you mean!? No it can't be!


Mary: You'll find out tomorrow! LOUIS TOMLINSON


Francesca: NIALL HORAN!




Francesca: LIAM PAYNE!


Mary: Dusty! Or is it Molly!


Francesca: Wait what Harry has a bisexual cat?!


Mary: Yea probably! ROFLMFAOOOOO!


Francesca: At least tell me a little bit about them!


Mary: They are sex gods! LOL


Francesca: But you never say that unless it's One Direction! Wait no! Don't lie!


Mary: Bye babe! xxxx Having snuggle time with LE boyfriend!


Francesca: Wait no don't go! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME MOREE!


Mary: We're skyping tomorrow I will tell you everything and prove to you I'm not lying.


Francesca: Fine then! HARRY'S BALLLLSSS!


Mary: Why would you say that only I can! F$ck I want to get in his pants!


Francesca: eeeewww your gross!


Mary: I know you want to get into Louis' pants babe admit it! LOL


Francesca: That wasn't funny! HARRY HAS NO BALLS.


Mary: They person that has no balls is you love!


Francesca: Well I have different kinds of balls! Big balls, small balls and medium balls! Are you interested in any.

Mary: ...-.- But I do like balls! Like basketballs if you get the point.


Francesca : No sorry I was talking about the body part.


Mary:  Oh ok! Hey babe I gotta go! I will buy you a ticket to London whenever you want to come! Xx Le boyfriend is waiting for me! Bye babe xoxoxo xox love you millions! Miss you millions.


Francesca: Babe! I will Skype with you 9:00pm Aussie time! xx


Mary: Yeah I won't go school tomoz then! xx it's ok Cesca!


Francesca: Ok bye Harry's Ass.


Mary: Harry's ass is delicious shut up!xx


After reading the conversation I let out a slight chuckle. I gave the phone back to Mary and went to sit down beside her. I got the Ben & Jerry's ice cream and opened it. I handed Mary a spoon. We started scooping ice cream whilst watching Toy Story 3. Mary's phone vibrated a few minutes later letting her ringtone of "Live While We're Young" blast off. She picked up her phone after another scoop of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.


"Oh hey Josh what's up? She said as she answered the phone.


"Why did he call?"  I asked.


"Oh your here? Where? At the front yeah?" She said ignoring my question.


"I will go open the gate!" I said getting up.


"Ok my friend and I will be out in a second! Bye!" She said hanging up.


"Why are you coming too?" I asked.


"Because I will miss you dearly!" She laughed pushing me towards the door.


"That's a good reason I guess!" I laughed walking out the door, Mary followed me.


Mary and I started walking towards the house laughing and talking about the most random things. As we approached the gates I could see Josh standing there staring down at his feet. As we came closer to him he looked up and waved us a hello. Mary ran off away from me and went to open the gate for Josh. When Josh entered through the gates he gave Mary unexpected hug. Mary looked at me with her eyes full of surprise. I could feel the rush of jealousy inside of me. After a long hug Josh pulled away from Mary.  She left  Josh's side and walked up to my side and entwined our fingers. Josh followed her shortly walking on one side of Mary. We all walked into the house in an awkward silence. As the front door open I could hear all the boys rushing down the hallway towards us. When they got to us they all yelled a hello to Josh making him jump. Mary and I stood there snickering.  The boys started introducing themselves in a very funny way making Mary and I laugh. Mary felt sorry for Josh and dragged him away from the boys and up stairs.


"Hey guys we best be going to practice now!" She said as she dragged him up stairs.


"Ok!" We all chimed.


"I love you Harry!" She yelled from upstairs.


"I love you to babe!" I yelled back.


"I'll see you at dinner!" She said.


"Ok babe! I'm making dinner!" I said.


"Just try not to burn the house down!" She laughed as the door of her room shut closed.


I slumped down on the couch of the lounge room and flicked through some TV channels. There was nothing to watch! This was going to be fun! NOT! I sat up from the couch and went to the kitchen to cook dinner. I have no idea what they want for dinner so I decided myself. We are having Spaghetti Bolognese tonight! No excuses what so ever. So I took all the things I needed out and started to cook dinner. Cooking dinner without Mary was so boring!


*1 hour and 30 minutes later*


After an hour and a half I finished cooking dinner. I could hear someone run into the kitchen. God it better not be Niall.  Well to bad it was Niall. Before I could say anything Niall had bombarded me with questions.


“ What are we having for dinner? Is that Spaghetti Bolognese? Is Josh staying over to eat dinner? Can we start eating? I’m hungry!” Niall bombarded.


“Calm your testicles Niall! If you want to eat now set up the table and I will go call the others.” I commanded.


“Yes sir!” he saluted as he rushed to go get the dishes and stuff.


As Niall started to set up I went to call Mary and the boys to come for dinner. As I walked into the lounge room I could see the boys watching a game of football. Manchester United and Barcelona FC. Knowing Louis so well he would want to watch this. I called all the boys except for Louis for dinner. After calling the boys I went upstairs to call Mary and Josh for dinner. I could hear them making some melodies when it cut silent. I didn’t have a good feeling about this, so I walked slowly towards the door.  When I opened the door I saw Mary pinned down on her bed. Josh hadn’t noticed that I had come in as to Mary did. Before she could move Josh had crashed his lips onto Mary’s. I immediately felt the anger in me rush around my body.  I left Mary’s room and stormed down stairs. Mary had pushed Josh off of her had ran after me.


“Harry wait! It’s not what you think!” she cried.


I could hear her crying from behind me as she ran down the stair after me.


“Then what was it Mary? What was it?” I asked angrily turning around to face her.


“It was Josh! He kissed me! I didn’t want that to happen!” she said as tears poured out of her eyes.


“What do you mean you didn’t want that to happen? If you didn’t want that to happen then you should’ve pushed him off you!” I yelled at her making more tears pour of her eyes.


“Harry I was shocked! I couldn’t move!” she yelled making all the boys including Louis come to the bottom of the stairs.


“What’s going on here!?” Liam yelled.


“Harry and Josh is going on!” Mary cried as she stormed outside the door slamming it shut.


“Mary!” Zayn said as he followed her outside.


Zayn’s POV


“Mary!”  I shouted as I ran after her.


Right now I know she wasn’t in the mood. There are tears pouring out of my eyes because of Josh and Harry. As I got closer to Mary she ran faster and away from me. When she couldn’t run anymore she gave up and let me catch her.


“Mary babe, what happened?” I asked trying to comfort her at the same time.


“Harry happened! He saw Josh go onto me! He thought I was cheating on him!  But I wasn’t Zayn I wasn’t!” She cried. I could see more tears pouring. I could see how sad she was.


“Baby don’t cry! He’ll understand!” I said as I hugged her close.


“If he understood do you think that he would’ve cut it at me like that?!” she wept.


“Come on Mary let’s go inside I’ll make him understand for you!” I said as I got up holding out my hand to her.


“I don’t want to go inside! I don’t want to see Harry or Josh!” she cried.


“Well whatever suits you best Mary.  Josh really needs to go home now!” I said leaving her by the pool.


I started walking away from her and into the house. As I walked into the house I saw Josh leave. He was a nice boy but what he did was wrong. He had gone too far. I could see Harry at the bottom of his tears coming out of his eyes.


Harry’s POV


Why did everything go so wrong? I was too harsh on her! Josh left and I heard the door open I looked up hoping it was Mary but it was just Zayn. I had tears coming out of my eyes. I feel so bad. I should’ve let her explain. Not so long after Zayn had come in Mary came into the house. I looked up at her. She had red eyes and tear stained cheeks. I wanted to stand up and hug her but I couldn’t, she just walked right past me. She still hasn’t stopped crying. I couldn’t stand this anymore. Before she could go any further I grabbed arm and pulled her into my arms. I held her close not wanting to let her go. She started to sulk into my shirt.


“I’m sorry Harry.” She apologized as she wrapped her arms around her arms around my torso.


“No, I’m sorry for not letting you explain!” I said into her hair.


“You don’t have to be Harry it’s my fault! I just don’t want this to happen again.” She sobbed.


“Me too! I love you!” I said as I kissed the top of her head.


“I love you too Harry!” she murmured into my shirt.


“Ok love birds! What happened to dinner?” Liam snapped.


“Nothing!” I said as Mary and I both pull away from the hug.


We all walked into the dining where all the food still was hot on their plates. Impressive.  Niall was actually good at setting up the table without eating the food.


*1 hour later*


After eating dinner we went into the lounge room and finished watching the rest of the football match against Manchester United and Barcelona. Damn Mary and Louis were crazy, they were shouting at each other and every time their teams got the ball taken of them. The siren for full time went and Mary jumped out off of my lap to victory as Louis ran his hand through his hair in shame.


“Oh damn shaniqua who owns the throne!” Mary shouted as she sat back down.


“Shut up it was a fluke” he shouted back at her, sticking out his tongue.


“Whatever!” she replied.


Mary then lied down with me on the couch, resting her head on my arm and her arm on my stomach. Not so long after Mary had fallen fast asleep on the couch with me under her. All the boys except for had fallen asleep. I looked down at Mary and kissed her temple. I then soon fell fast asleep with my head resting on Mary's .


“Good night princess” I whispered as I kissed her temple and clapped the lights off.


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