One Girl, One Dream, One Love

Just a normal girl living Melbourne, Australia.

Just thirteen and after coming back from school her mum decided to kick her out of the house.

She went to her bedroom to pack as she slowly took down all her One Direction. 

She sat on her bed realizing the damage her mum had done to them.

She had asked her half-sister for money so she could leave and  fly to London on the flight that was leaving soon.

When she had arrived in London  there were girls screaming everywhere.

She was clueless...

She then realised it was the worlds number 1 boy band. She was standing there gasping in amazement as a happy tear rolled down her cheek.They turned around as all their eyes met hers.

But happened next?

Did they go up to her?

Did they walk away?

Hi everyone I'm Mary Tran.


6. Gotta Be You.

This morning I woke up next to a sleeping Harry. Harry's arm was still wrapped around me and our finger were still entwined. I was still snuggled into his chest like last night with one arm wrapped around him and my other had our fingers entwined.

I got up out of bed and unentwined our fingers. I moved Harry's arm off of me and moved away from him and off of the bed. I walked around Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. I stopped near Liam and called him up.

"Liam! Liam!" I said a little bit loudly.

"Mmm?!" he said.

"Let's go grocery shopping!" I replied.

"What?! Why now?!" he grumbled as he sat up.

"You guys have nothing in the fridge or the pantry!" I said.

"That will also you guys won't have breakfast and that is bad!"

"Oh I see. Go get washed up and we will leave in 5!" he commanded.

I went into the bathroom and started to wash up. After I finished washing up I tied my hair into a messy bun and walked out of the bathroom quietly and carefully to not wake up the others. By the time I was finished Liam was already downstairs and in the car waiting for me. I ran out of the house as quickly and quietly as I could and remembering to close the door on the way out. I got to the car and Liam drove off to the supermarket. It was only about 7:30 in the morning so knowing the boys so well they wouldn't wake up until 9 or 11 o'clock.

Liam and I reached the supermarket and I was now 7:45 so not many people were there especially fans. We went inside with our hoodies over our heads in case there were fans. We got a trolley knowing hat we will be buying a lot of things. We went through a lot of isles jus chucking whatever we needed into the trolley. By the time we got to the last isle outer trolley was nearly full but oh well we did need food after all. We got the last of our things and went to the check out to pay for our things. The look on the check out lady's face looked shocked when she saw our trolley. 

*15 minutes later*

15 minutes later the checkout lady looked exhausted after scanning all of our things. I looked at the amount on the screen. My eyes nearly popped out of my was over $500. I pulled out my money to pay for it but Liam stopped me and paid fo it. I groaned at him.

"What was that for Liam? You should've just let me pay for it!? I told him in a calm voice.

"You are a girl Mary men always pay for everything. It's common courtesy." he explained.

"Every time you guys pay I feel like I'm using you guys for your wealth..." I explained.

"You're not though, we just want to pay for it. It's common courtesy I tell you!" he further explained

"Well ok." I said smiling at him. He smiled back.

We both got our things and took them out to the car. The back space was now full of food, we shut the door and got into the car. Liam started the engine and drove off back to the house. It was about 8:45 now and we just left the super market and about 10 minutes away from the house.

The trip home was quiet until Liam spoke up.

"What's for breakfast?" he asked smiling.

"Food" I said stating the obvious smiling at him.

"What exactly?" he asked frowning.

"Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream" I said smiling.

"Yummmm! Can we have ice cream with that too?!" he asked.

"Sure why not?!" I said.

"You are the best!" he complimented

"Why thank you!" I laughed.

"Can you help me with breakfast? It's ok if you can't" I asked.

"Yeah sure!" he agreed.

"Thanks Liam!" I said appreciating his help.

By the time we finished our conversation we reached the house. Liam parked the car in front of the house gate. Great, that meant we had to walk up the long footpath I was too lazy though. I guess I had to deal with it. So we took the things out of he car and carried them into the house and then into the kitchen. We finished bringing in the stuff not so long after. We started to pack the food and stuff into the pantry and food neatly. It took 15 minutes to do all that. I felt exhausted after all that. 

It was 20 past 9, I decided to start making breakfast. I washed my hands then took the ingredients I needed to make the breakfast with out of he pantry and fridge. 

"Liam!" I called."Let's start making breakfast before the boys wake up!" 

Liam came rushing into the kitchen and said "Yes sir!"

I laughed at him smiling wildly. Liam was cute when he listened to people.

Liam and I started to make the pancake batter and the whipped cream. I looked at the kitchen bench and saw a bag of flour and laughed to myself. I saw Liam look a me and smile. I blushed a bit.

"Remember something from last night Mary?" he asked as he winked at me.

"What happened last night?" I asked blushing.

"Don't act like you don't know Mary!" he said laughing.

"How do you know what happened?" I asked smiling.

"I saw everything Mary!" he said clearly stating the obvious.

"It was quiet yesterday and it was causing this wierd tension between us so I had to do something fun at least!" I said blushing furiously.

"Oh I see!" he sad laughing.

We went back to making breakfast. The batter was done so I let it sit for a while before I could cook it. While waiting. Took out the pan , put it on the stove and started to butter it. I always buttered the pan when I made pancakes because it gave more flavour. After waiting 5 minutes the batter was set enough to cook. I started to pour some ohet he batter into the pan. It didn't take long for pancakes to cook because in no time I was up to he very last of my pancake batter. I have made just enough pancakes for everyone, there were eighteen pancakes which mean three for everyone. I took out the plates and started to plate up the pancakes. There were three pancakes on each plate with a scoop of ice-cream, spoonful of homemade whipped cream and some strawberries on each plate. 

After I finished plating up the food I started to set up the table. I placed the plates on the table and a jug of orange juice in the middle. It was 9:45am now so I went upstairs to call up the boys. I never knew it would be so hard!


Niall shot up.

"FOOD!!!!!!!!" he shouted racing into the bathroom to wash up before dashing down stairs into the dining room.

I walked up to my bed to where Harry was lying shirtless.

"Harry babe wake up. Breakfast is going to get cold!" I whispered into his ear. 

I went to walk away when Harry pulled me onto the bed and covered us in my blanket.

"Harry what are you doing?!" I asked him.

"Let's do this more often." he whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine.

"Do what?!" I asked kinda confused.

"What we did last night." he whispered.

"Oh ummm.... Can we just go have breakfast..?" I asked interrupting the moment as I pulled the blanket off over our heads and took his arm off my waist. I smiled at him and said "Go wash up so we could have breakfast!" I winked at him. He smiled back.


They both shot up an went to wash up before rushing downstairs.
"NIALL DON'T EAT OUR FOOD" the yelled running down stairs into the dining room. 

I followed them downstairs. I walked into the dining room with faces gasping a their site. 

"Did you really make all this Mary!?" they all asked in amazement.

"Yeah...Why?" I asked looking at them.

"Looks good!" Niall complimented.

"Everything looks good to you Niallers!" I said winking at him.

"We should start eating befor the ice cream melts!" I warned.

"Let us eat!" Louis shouted.

I laughed at his childishness.

"This is great Mary!" Liam complimented.

"Thanks Liam!" I replied.

Everyone at breakfast was talking and there was only me and Harry that were sitting silently in this awkward tension. Something the came to mind about Harry. I went closer then whispered into his ear.

"Why have we been so close Harry?" I asked him as I pulled away.

"Well umm I really want to tell you something" he whispered back to me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Can I tell you after?" he suggested.

"Yeah sure." I replied.

What was it that he wanted to tell me? Why couldn't he tell me now?

After everyone finished breakfast I did the same routine I did last night witht the dishes. I finished with the dishes and went out of the kitchen into the lounge room. All the boys were scattered all over the place. Harry was sitting on the couch flicking through his twitter and he looked comfortable. I went up to him and sat on his lap making, I looked back at him seeing him smiling and turned back to the TV. Harry soon wrapped his arms around my waistand pulled we closer to him. I pulled out my phone to try distract me from Harry's actions towards me. I started to scroll through Twitter, I gasped at a picture of Liam and I that was on Twitter and that was now trending. 

"LIAMM!" I yelled worried of what would happen

"Yeahhhh!" he said dragging the 'H'.



"EXACTLY!" I yelled.

"I better call Danielle to come over before she misunderstands this!" he yelled.

"You should Liam!" I said calmly.

"Why were we shouting?" he asked laughing at us both.

The boys had confused looks on their faces, they then pulled out their phones ands went on Twitter to see what was trending. 

"YOU GUYS WENT TO THE SUPERMARKET WITHOUT ME!!!!" Niall screamed sounding offended.

"Niall we figured it wouldn't have been a good idea because you would've bout the whole supermarket!" me and Liam both said.

"We got you favourite food Niall!" I said smiling at him.

"Really?!" he asked sounding extremely happy.

"Yup!" I said popping the 'P'

"Mary you are the fucken best man!" he shouted as he dove towards me and tried to kiss me cheek.


"Oh sorry about that!" he jumped off the top of both of us and ran into the kitchen.

"Are you ok Harry" I said as I turned around to look at him, I bit my lip and put my finger on the side of my lip.

"Yeah I'm fine!" he said smiling.

"That's good. Sorry about that, you've just been squished by 2 fat asses" I said smiling.

"Oh it's fine. I've been squished by one fat ass and a cute thirteen year old!" he said winking at me and making me blush.

The tension between us was now awkward again as I stayed seated on his lap.

"Liam have you called Danielle?" I asked.

"Yeah she's coming over tonight for dinner!" he said smiling.

"Louis you should call Eleanor to tell her too!" I said.

"Yeah Ok I will tell her t come over for dinner tonight too if that's ok?" he said.

"Yeah it's nothing. I have been longing to meet them!" I said cheerfully.

So Louis went off to call Eleanor and Liam went off to get ready for Eleanor. Niall was in the kitchen scavaging for food and Zayn was God knows where he was. There was only Harry and I in the lounge room. I had an urge to do something but I didn't know what. I turned around in Harry's lap facing him. I smiled at him and he smiled back. My arms were wrapped around his neck as I stared into his green eyes. Oh they were amazing!

"So what did you want to tell me Styles babe." I said.

"Ummm well. Do you like me?" he asked.

"No Styles! I love you! Isn't that obvious?!" I whispered.

His eyes widened.

"Well I've been trying to tell you..." he said.

"Spit it Styles!" I whispered waiting for what he would say.

"I've fallen for you the first day I've met you!" he said.

"I feel like I have just forced that out of your mouth Harry." I said biting my lips.

"But you didn't I really did mean it!" he said looking into my eyes.

"Can you prove it to me?" I asked, suspicious of what he would do.

"Ok I will." he said.

Before I could think he crashed his lips onto mine for a mere second or longer. He pulled away. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I was only 13 and wasn't 14 until the end of the year but that was the second kiss I have ever had from Harry Styles.

"Harry..." I said.

"Was that how you wanted me to prove it?" he asked looking at me.

"Harry I love you!" I said pulling him into the tightest hug ever. He hugged me back.

"I love you too Mary" he said hugging me tightly in his arms whilst I was still sitting on his lap. 

"What is the youngest you would date Styles?" I asked.

"14 Love. Why?" he responded.

"Well too bad you have to wait for 3 months until I'm 14" I explained.

"3 months but that's forever!" he whined.

"Live with it Harry Babe!" I said as I pulled away from the hug.

"Let's make it official on your birthday!" Harry said.

"Are you really that desperate for my love?" I asked as I winked at him.

"I don't know? Am I?" he asked winking back at me.

"I guess so!" I said smiling.

"Then I guess I am that desperate for your love Babe!" he said.

After talking for a while I got off Harry's lap and lied down. I was tired from waking up really early this morning. Harry lied down beside me, he put his hand on my hand and entwined our fingers. It felt quite wierd since I was only 13 but I was feeling lucky today so I didn't mind.

"Harry I don't want today to end." I whisperd.

"Why Love?" he asked.

"Because I start school tomorrow and we won't be able to do this anymore." I whispered.

"We can always do it after school." he said smiling.

"But that's 7 hours" I whined frowning at the same time.

"Well I have to wait 3 months for this relationship to be official!" he said.

"Well it's different. I can't live without you for that long!" I said.

"Live with it Babe!" he said.

"Copy Cat!" I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"AAAWWW you are so cute" he complimented.

"Is that a good or a bad thing?!" I asked.

"Obviously it's a good thing Love!" he laughed.

"Let's go up stairs it's cold here!" I said shivering.

"Yeah ok." he replied.

We both got off the couch and walked hand in hand upstairs. The other boys were no where to be found so we just walked into my room and shut the door. Harry and I decided to watch a movie but we took a long time choosing. I really wanted to watch "Madagascar 2" but I let Harry win so we watched "Love Actually". I really didn't know why Harry like this movie so much. Harry and I got into bed and started to watch the movie. I was lying on the pillow when I changed positions and lied on his chest, I put my arm around his toned torso and listened to his even heartbeat.

"Harry can you you promise me that you will pick me up from school everyday if you can?" I asked.

"I promise." he said as he kissed my cheek.

Harry go his hand place it on the hand I had placed on is toned torso and entwined our fingers whilst his other arm held me tight in his chest. Harry and I tangled our legs then we soon fell asleep in each others arms. This felt like a dream but it really wasn't, it was happening for real.

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