One Girl, One Dream, One Love

Just a normal girl living Melbourne, Australia.

Just thirteen and after coming back from school her mum decided to kick her out of the house.

She went to her bedroom to pack as she slowly took down all her One Direction. 

She sat on her bed realizing the damage her mum had done to them.

She had asked her half-sister for money so she could leave and  fly to London on the flight that was leaving soon.

When she had arrived in London  there were girls screaming everywhere.

She was clueless...

She then realised it was the worlds number 1 boy band. She was standing there gasping in amazement as a happy tear rolled down her cheek.They turned around as all their eyes met hers.

But happened next?

Did they go up to her?

Did they walk away?

Hi everyone I'm Mary Tran.


4. A Whole Day Out!

I finished washing up and wrapped a towel around myself leaving my hair down dripping in front of my chest. I walked out of the bathroom and into my room where I saw Harry in my room sitting on my bed looking through my phone. I quietly walked passed him and into my wardrobe and picked out some clothes to wear. I quickly ran back into the bathroom to get dressed. When I finished dressing, i started to dry my hair as slowly as I could.

*15 minutes later*

After 15 minutes in the bathroom drying, I walked out of my room and found Harry not there. I gave a sigh of relief and then noticed my phone wasn't on my bed. I stepped out of the bathroom and on to my bed. There was no sign of my phone so I walked away from my bed when someone took a hold of my hand pulled me onto the bed. I thought there was no one in my room. Who could it possibly be? I turned around finding a pillow of curly hair in my face.

"Harry is that you?" I whispered to him

"It's me love" he whispered back in a hush tone.

I froze at his voicee.The blanket was over our heads so it was dark. 

"What are you doing?" I asked him sounding slightly worried.

"I th-" I was about to say when his lips met mine I immediately pulled away.

I pulled the blanket off of our heads and snatched my phone of his hand. I went out of the room slamming the door shut.

"Mary!" He shouted from inside my room. I walked off ignoring him. 

I stormed down stairs to where the boys were waiting in the lounge room. The boys had a confused look on their faces so I forced a fake smile on my far which made them know I was fine. I really wasn't after Harry had kissed me. He still doesn't know the fact that I am not yet 14 until the end of this year. After leaving him in the room alone and ignoring made me feel bad. I told the boys to go out to the car first and wait so I can go call Harry to come too.

I went up to my room and stopped at the door. I took a deep breath before I opened the door to my room. As the door swung open I saw Harry sitting on the bed with his hands over his face.

"Harry" I said softly.

Harry snapped his head immediately as I said his name.

"Mary I'm sorry, I was being and idiot" he apologized 

"I know you are Harry" I gave him a sympathetic smile.

I slowly walked up to him and gave my hand out for him to hold. When he got up I gave a him a hug so he knew that I had forgiven him.

"I'm sorry too Harry" I apologized.

He pulled away from our hug. His face looked confused.

"Why?" he asked with a confused look on his face.

"The way I reacted was far too much, I'm sorry" I explained.

He pulled me back into the hug and held me tight.

"You don't have to be I was just going too far" he explained.

I pulled away from the hug and smiled at him. It then hit me I was suppose ask Harry if he was coming to lunch at nando's.

"Harry are you coming to lunch with us at Nando's?" I asked quickly.

"Oh I think I'm gonna stay home so you go have fun with the other boys!" he replied smiling.

"Oh ok then. Have fun at home I guess!" I said I an awkward tone.

Ran down stairs and out the door and to the front gates. The car was parked in from of the gates. All the boys were in the car and so now I just needed to get in. I entered the car sittin between Liam and Niall, whilst Zayn sat in the font seat and Louis drove.

"What took so long?" Niall asked as his stomach grumbled.

"Oh nothing he just took a long time to decide that's all" I replied.

I smiled at Niall and turned to Liam and sighed. He looked at me worried.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" he asked in a hush tone.

I gave I'm a hand sign so he could come closer. I cupped my hands to his ear.

"Harry kissed me after I finished getting ready" I whispered into Liam's ear knowng that he won't tell anyone.

Liam gasped with eyes wide.

"Are you serious!?" he whispered.

I nodded my head to tell him I wasn't making up jack. 

"Was that why you looked so frustrated when you came down stairs?" He asked like he knew everything about me.

I nodded at him and then gave him my phone.

"What?!" he asked confused. 

"Can I please have your number daddy direction" I said in a baby voice.

"Sure, it would've been easier if you just said that ,than just giving me your phone" he laughed.

"You want the other boys numbers too?" he asked eyebrows raised.

"Yeshh Pweaseee Daddy!" I said in the cutest voice I could.

"Guys I'm going to save your numbers onto Mary's phone is that ok?" Liam asked even though he knew the answers.

"Sure!" they all said at once.

We came to a stop and pulled up at Nando's. Before everyone could get out of the car Niall was already inside sitting at a table at the back of the restaurant. The rest of the boys and I walked in and as at the table with Niall. Everyone had ordered so we just started talking about random things like rainbow unicorns. The conversation we had been interupted by a couple of fans that walked passed, they shot me a greased look. Niall saw and shot them a disgust look. I turned to face Niall and smiled at him.

Our food came moments later and we started eating. Niall was like eating everything there was, so we decided to order more food. The waitress we had before changed to a different waitress. This waitress had a nice figure with big boobs that were noticeable with her work uniform. She bent down next to Zayn and Louis to take their orders , shoving her boobs in their faces. I could tell by the look on their faces that they were really uncomfortable. She then came and asked me what I was going to order but I us puts ordered a hot cup of honey and lemon tea.

Moments later the waitress came out with our orders. She placed my tea on the table and then gave the boys their order of food. She then purposely used her elbow to knock over my hot tea. I screamed as I touch my skin. The worst part was that I was wearing shorts. The tea burned my skin as I tried to stand up but I couldn't. Liam and the other boys then stood up and looked at the waitress in disgust. It was pretty obvious that she was a fan. I am a fan too. She didn't have to go that far even if she was jealous. Liam went to pay for lunch whilst Zayn and Louis went to complain to the manager. Niall stayed by my side, wiping of the tea that had landed on my skin. After that Niall picked me up and took me to the car, the other boys followed him after.

Harry's POV

After Mary and the boys have left I had nothing to do. I decided to stay in Mary's room. I found at least 10 folders with posters of me and the boys on them. I took them out of the folder and started to stick them on the walls for her. I saw many indivual pictures of myself. Some of her posters were ripped so I sticky taped them so he looked as goo as new.

*1 hour later*

About an hour later I finished sticking all the posters up on the walls, all her poster filled up two and a half walls. The walls of her room was about 8 meters high and 5 meters wide. For most of the high places of the wall I used a ladder to put them up. I estimated that there was at least 200 posters and 500 Photoprints. Most of her walls looked bored so I went out to the news agency to buy as many New issued magazines had posters of us in it as I could. There was about 20 different kinds, so I just bought them all even though it costs over $50 for all of them. I also bought her some new One Direction phone cases because I had noticed her old one was broken and sticky taped.

I went runnning back home so I could put them up before her and the others come back. When I got home I raced up the stairs and into her room. I carefully pulled all the poster out of the magazines and placed them in a pile next to me. I quickly started to put them up knowing they would be home sooner or later. I was half way through the pile of posters and I was up to the fourth wall. I was getting exhausted but I kept oing until I finished 30 minutes later. 5 walls of her room was now full of One Direction Posters. I guess she would be really happy. I placed the phone cases that I had often for her on her bed. I then went to my room and went took a nap.

Mary's POV

When everyone got into the car Louis started to drive away from Nandos. I was lying down in the back my head resting on Niall's lap and my feet on Liam's lap. As Liam went to touch my thigh I winced in pain.

"Does it really hurt that much?" Liam asked looking really worried.

"Yeah it does". I replied 

"We should just go home." Liam said.

"I'm sorry guys I was suppose to pay today but Liam paid" I apologized 

"I'll pay you back when we get home" 

"No Mary it's ok" Liam confirmed.

It wasn't long until we pulled up infront of the house. I was looking forward to lying on my bed with and ice packs on my thighs. Niall carried me inside and up into my room. I gasped and laughed at what I saw. Oh my I didn't know I had this much posters. Before Niall put me down on the bed I picked up the phone cases on my bed and smiled at it. Niall finally put me down on the bed as Liam came in with two ice packs and placed them on my thighs.

"Thank you for taking care of me guys." I said thankfully.

"It's nothing Mary!" they both said at the same time.

They both walked out of the room leaving me all alone in my room. I drifted off to sleep not long after. As I slept the ice packs soothed my thighs as it cooled down my thighs and made the pain numb away.

I would just wish to wake up once again with the smell of that after shave of Harry Styles.

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